AMSIXAmsterdam Internet Exchange (also seen as AMS-IX)
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As a complement, STC also signed a master interconnection agreement with LINIX and another agreement with AMSIX in order to further enhance the reliability of STC's service offerings.
Smarthub has made significant strategic partners this year such as AMSix, Epsilon, Equinix, PCCW Global, SAP, China Telecom and Tata Communications among others.
Semantically, unlike the modal operators to which Infinitives function as complements in expository discourse (Section 3.1), here Infinitives serve as complements of lexical verbs of aspect, like nahagti 'I used-to, was in the habit of in Clause #1, (6) hexel 'began' in #10, and amsix 'I-will-continue, keep-on' in Clause #12.