AMSLAbove Mean Sea Level
AMSLAve Maria School of Law (Naples, FL)
AMSLAmerican Sign Language
AMSLAirbus Military Sociedad Limitada (Spanish: Airbus Military Company Limited; now Airbus Military)
AMSLAkajima Marine Science Laboratory (est. 1989; Japan)
AMSLApproved Materials Substitution List
AMSLAcquisition Management Systems List
AMSLAutomotive Media Systems Ltd. (UK)
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The unknown flying object was first assumed as unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) as 3,500 below feet AMSL was Australian Defence Force's military restricted airspace.
To date, and in this short period, AMSL has executed more than nine successive projects in Zambia and has the privilege of working in smelter, refinery and tail leaching plants and carrying out annual maintenance contracts of concentrator.
AMSL has applied for licensure with the Florida Department of Education's Commission for Independent Education to be a degree-granting institution of higher education in Florida.
The Balcones Escarpment consists of a rough, well-drained area, with elevations increasing from approximately 213 m above mean sea level (AMSL) at the southern edge to between approximately 500 and 700 m AMSL near the center, but in most places the increase in elevation is abrupt.
In 1960, on behalf of the Archaeological Survey of India, one of us (DPA) examined the graves at Malari (30 [degrees] 41 [minutes] N, 79 [degrees] 55 [minutes] E), which is located in the Niti Valley at an altitude of 3800 m amsl, about 61 km beyond Joshimath on the bank of Dhauliganga in Chamoli district of Garhwal.
AMSL, the wholly owned subsidiary of Bharti Airtel, provides mobile money services under the Airtel Money brand.
Our years of client experience have demonstrated that frequent communications and availability of real-time aircraft financial information minimizes unpleasant surprises and makes for better relationships between aircraft owners and those responsible for day-to-day aircraft operations," said AMSL co-founder and experienced aviation attorney Stewart Lapayowker.
Vehrs continued, "Underground access is currently in development at the 1300 meter level to allow for continued exploration of the ore shoot to the north and to depths below 1,000 m amsl.
The Law of Life Summit is unlike anything else out there in the pro-life community," said Royce Hood, AMSL 3L and organizer of the Summit.
AMSL, making a three-peat appearance, manufactures products such as cabinetry, doors and windows, laminate casework, commercial displays and fixtures, wall panel products, furniture and mouldings, as well as providing services such as design, installation and project management.
Residential and commercial casework, custom moulding runs, convention displays Karen Dupree, project coordinator for AMSL, says that a quality, engaged workforce has helped the company build up to the success it enjoys today.
AMSL also announced that board member and Dean Emeritus Bernard Dobranski has left the board due to term limits, and that Leonard Leo has stepped down from the Board after distinguished service.