AMSLAbove Mean Sea Level
AMSLAve Maria School of Law (Naples, FL)
AMSLAmerican Sign Language
AMSLAirbus Military Sociedad Limitada (Spanish: Airbus Military Company Limited; now Airbus Military)
AMSLAutomotive Media Systems Ltd. (UK)
AMSLAkajima Marine Science Laboratory (est. 1989; Japan)
AMSLApproved Materials Substitution List
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In 2003, three experimental plots were established on a natural steep and homogeneous slope (35[degrees]) at an elevation of 1180 m AMSL. The steep slope represents 65% of the watershed area (Duan et al.
Irfan Khattak, an official of Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda), said the water level in the dam before the rains was 1,938 feet AMSL, just 28 feet above the dead level of 1,910 feetAMSL.
The screenhouse was located at 31[degrees]48'N; 35[degrees]28'E, -380 m AMSL, in the Jordan Valley of eastern Israel.
2400 m amsl Pine Corbet national Natural 5.8 (Pimisroxburghii) park, Binsar vegetation forest 29[degrees]39'N predominantly 79[degrees]07'E.
The very high altitudes of the Karakoram mountain ranges in Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan are manned by troops and volunteers, as high as 24, 000 feet above mean sea level (AMSL).
Table 1 summarizes the solar energy resources in the area of study (41[degrees]39'29.4"N 4[degrees]42'36.3"W, 698 m AMSL).
Coombs Estate; located Lat 6.94N, Long 80.66E, altitude 1256 amsl).
Here the Pyu mastered three more difficult slope factors than at Beikthano: a very steep slope from the ranges descending from an average of c.l40m to 63 m amsl over the short distance of only c.2.5 km from the west and southwest of the site; a much more gradual slope from the northeast where the Nawin River flowed westwards to join the Ayeyarwadi at Pyay (Prome); and a gentle slope towards the southeast outside the eastern side of the ancient city.
The Zambezi River Authority reported a 2cm drop in lake levels between 17-23 June, and this, at a time when the lake was at a lower peak level measured as 480.33m AMSL (2.62m lower than at the same time in 2015), compared to its highest at 482.95m AMSL in January of 2015.
The firm said in a declaration, 'Airtel M Commerce Services Limited (AMSL), a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel Limited has been granted payments bank license from Reserve Bank of India on April 11, 2016.'
"We are pleased to inform you that Airtel M Commerce Services Limited (AMSL), a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel Limited has been granted payments bank licence from Reserve Bank of India on April 11, 2016," Airtel said in a regulatory filing.
Heterospecific groups of howler monkeys were detected at Estancia Defesa (29[degrees] 49'04.33"S; 54[degrees] 47'29.97"W; 146 m AMSL), a particular area located in the Pampa Biome, more precisely in the municipality of Sao Vicente do Sul (Fig.