AMSLAbove Mean Sea Level
AMSLAve Maria School of Law (Naples, FL)
AMSLAmerican Sign Language
AMSLAirbus Military Sociedad Limitada (Spanish: Airbus Military Company Limited; now Airbus Military)
AMSLAutomotive Media Systems Ltd. (UK)
AMSLAkajima Marine Science Laboratory (est. 1989; Japan)
AMSLApproved Materials Substitution List
AMSLAcquisition Management Systems List
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50 m amsl, with a storage tank at each end of the trench, and an earthen rampart on its downslope side (probably made from the earth dug out of the trench).
Key investment consideration includes (1) an energy efficient project allow AMSL to increase its market share sustainable cost advantage, (2) favorable demand dynamics and government policies and (3) quality perception supporting pricing premium and superior margin.
The Anjani river originates from the Titvi village at 305 m amsl, and flows almost straight towards NE.
Paras (1645m amsl ) a valley town always remains under the influence of both Panjal Thrust and Main Boundary Thrust as both cross close to this valley town.
This problem is most likely not unique to Colombia, among the countries of South America, where more than 15 million people live in cities > 2 000 m AMSL, (e.
30 m amsl, 61[degrees]14'43" N, 165[degrees]37'08"W) and at TG2 in 2009 (at -1.
The pilot describe the unknown object to be cylindrical in shape and grey in colour, about 3,700 feet AMSL and has overall controlled airspace.
Today, in association with the African Mechanical and Superlift Limited (AMSL), a company based out of Zambia, MES and AMSL supply engineering equipment, and have taken on turnkey projects like dryer for copper and cobalt industries, plant audits and maintenance works.
7 km amsl (above mean sea level) for 10 flashes; Jacobson and Krider [41]: 6.
This means that when you descend below the MDA of 1480 feet AMSL, obstacle protection is assured until reaching 1480 - 250 = 1230 feet AMSL.
Cultivated bush tea: The experiment on cultivated bush tea was carried out at Madzivhandila College of Agriculture in South Africa (22o 56' 60S, 30o 28' 60E), Altitude 709 m amsl.
Then it slipped past the southern Cape and settled over much of South Africa, Botswana and eastern Namibia, dominating the middle levels from some 12,000ft AMSL deep into the 20,000ft range.