AMSOAircraft Maintenance Spares & Overhaul (US DoD)
AMSOArmy Model and Simulation Office
AMSOAmerican Medical Specialty Organization
AMSOAeromedical Safety Officer
AMSOAmmunition Shipment Order
AMSOApollo Mission Simulator for Orbiter (space flight simulator)
AMSOAssociation of Market Survey Organizations
AMSOAcquisition Management Staff Office
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Finally, establishing positive relationships with the CAB S-3 and specialized brigade staff such as the safety officer, standardization officer, and the AMSO (all of which are senior pilots) aids in establishing a clear but detailed intelligence picture.
AMSO will provide technical expertise and oil shale core samples from its federal lease site.
Alan Burnham of AMSO discussed the potential for disposition of captured C[O.
Sampling was purposive rather than random; as described by Sampson (1967), no scientific sampling is undertaken in qualitative research although selection is important and thus an attempt was made to interview respondents from the fastest-growing AMSO companies (1995 to 1996) as well as the slowest-growing AMSO companies.
Its founders, Professor Nazar Amso, who is a consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology, and his wife Dr Jacqueline Scott, a senior medical practitioner in Cardiff, say that AMSO will help health professionals develop their knowledge and clinical skills in their workplace and achieve excellence in their provision of treatment and care.
Physiologists who complete the aviation-safety officer course in Pensacola become designated as aeromedical-safety officers or AMSOs.