AMSOArmy Model and Simulation Office
AMSOAmerican Medical Specialty Organization
AMSOAeromedical Safety Officer
AMSOAmmunition Shipment Order
AMSOApollo Mission Simulator for Orbiter (space flight simulator)
AMSOAssociation of Market Survey Organizations
AMSOAcquisition Management Staff Office
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AMSO will provide technical expertise and oil shale core samples from its federal lease site.
Alan Burnham of AMSO discussed the potential for disposition of captured C[O.
At Genie Oil and Gas, we expect that our AMSO LLC oil shale pilot test in Colorado will start the heating process as early as the fourth quarter.
Over the past two years, AMSO, LLC constructed a pilot facility to test certain key characteristics of its in-situ oil shale recovery process.
AMS is currently listed on the Nasdaq SmallCap Market under the trading symbol AMSO and on the Boston Stock Exchange under the symbol AMM.
Barring unanticipated delays, AMSO expects to begin its pilot test in Colorado's Piceance Basin by the end of the year.
The contract enables AMSO to leverage Alion's expertise in support of its oversight role for managing modeling and simulation (M&S) processes throughout the Army.
The Board will advise Genie's management on strategic, financial, operational and public policy matters related to Genie's shale oil ventures: AMSO, a joint venture with Total, S.
AMS is listed on the Nasdaq SmallCap Market, trading symbol AMSO and on the Boston Stock Exchange under the symbol AMM.
The contract enables AMSO to gain the tools and expertise to exercise its oversight and to manage modeling and simulation processes across all Army M&S domains.
The Board will advise AMSO on technical challenges associated with producing shale oil.
AMSO has been in business 11 years, and its growth is accelerating based on high quality products and an excellent marketing plan.