AMSPA Moon Shaped Pool (Radiohead album)
AMSPAnti-Malware Solution Platform (Trend Micro, Inc.)
AMSPAdvanced Military Studies Program (US Army School of Advanced Military Studies)
AMSPAdvanced Math and Science Program
AMSPAssociation of Microsoft Solution Providers
AMSPAndrew Microwave System Planner
AMSPAsbestos Medical Surveillance Program (Smashing Pumpkins fan base usenet newsgroup)
AMSPAssociation for Medical School Pharmacology
AMSPAssociation of Medical School Psychologists
AMSPAllied Military Security Publication
AMSPAmerican Society of Magazine Photographers (now American Society of Media Photographers)
AMSPAwesomeMath Summer Program
AMSPArmy Master Study Program
AMSPAdaptive Modulation with Spectral Pre-Equalization
AMSPArmy Models and Simulation Plan
AMSPAlternative Mobile Service Provider
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Most recently a paper emanating from the AMSP study, analysing suicidality as an adverse event associated with antidepressant use, was published, having reviewed data between 1993 and 2008, therefore emphasising the earlier intention of the study to be open ended and continuous.
11) In this AMSP study, 142 090 adult patients taking antidepressant medication between 1993 and 2008 in 54 psychiatric institutions were observed.
The most convincing data appear to be from the AMSP study, with a prevalence of 1.
The AMSP study provides the most comprehensive data, documenting a rate of 1.
The AMSP is the hallmark of the school and is what most officers understand to be SAMS.
The follow-on utilization assignment, referred to as a "Tier One" assignment, is considered the final phase of an officer's AMSP training.
Due to the fact that the AMEDD has officers serving on general staffs at the operational level, and that the AMSP is the Army's recognized operational planning program, the AMEDD has a need for AMSP trained officers.
El AMSP concentra en 1996 las siguientes actividades de servicios modernos que realizan las principales firmas: 64% de los 50 bancos segun activos, 50% de las 50 empresas con mas ventas al sector industrial, 48% de las 50 aseguradoras y 40% de las empresas comerciales mayoristas o minoristas, asi como 84% de las firmas de servicios de consultoria (Cuce, 2000).