AMSPARAssociation of Medical Secretaries, Practice Administrators and Receptionists (London, England, UK)
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In fact, I had been leading a site visit to a primary care clinic with AMSPAR trainees when I first noticed the poster appealing for artefacts.
The course enabled her to learn basic business administration and IT tasks which she expanded and built upon on the two-year AMSPAR Advanced Diploma for Medical Secretaries course between 2008 and last year.
SEVEN years ago, Barbara Dhalia, having no previous qualifications, took the important decision to attend Sutton Coldfield College and sign up for a full-time AMSPAR Medical Secretaries Diploma.
Organised by Darlington Primary Care Trust, staff have been studying for their AMSPAR - Association of Medical Secretaries, Practice Managers, Administrators and Receptionists - communications qualification.