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AMSTAmst Systemtechnik GmbH (Austria)
AMSTAdvanced Medium STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) Transport (US DoD)
AMSTArt Museum of South Texas (Corpus Christi, Texas)
AMSTAssociation of Maximum Service Telecasters
AMSTAcademy of Medical Sciences and Technology (Khartoum, Sudan)
AMSTAgile Munitions Support Tool
AMSTCombat Store Ship
AMSTAsset Management Support Tool
AMSTAmerican Stalebread (band)
AMSTAdvanced Multi-Service Terminal (Hitachi, SONET)
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'Full swing Gate Diffusion Input (GDI) logic case study for low power CLA adder design', Integration (Amst), 47(1): 62-70.
However, the C-17 experience revealed what studies conducted during the AMST had proven and Kadish had pointed out--"the technology was not as well defined as some would lead us to believe." Although McDonnell Douglas did not develop new technologies for the C-17, the way in which the technologies were used was new.
PREMIER LEAGUE RECORD Steven Gerrard: 28/36 (77.77 per cent) Mario Balotelli: 5/5 (100 per cent) AMST ?
Advances in Materials Science and Technology (AMST); select papers
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Built by the Austrian company AMST and the Dutch National Physics Laboratory TNO and located in Soesterberg, the Netherlands, this is the first simulator that both offers a full range of motion and is capable of generating all G-forces up to 3.3G.
Air Force's Douglas YC-15 Advanced Medium STOL Transport (AMST) of the mid-1970s.
AmStem Corporation (AMST) of Seoul, Korea, said on April 26 that it had fired its president of eight months and was moving to "resolve the current issues facing the company."
9 August 2010 - US-based provider of biotherapeutic and cosmetic stem cell products AmStem Corporation (OTCBB: AMST) announced today highly positive final results from its preliminary consumer study of SteMixx, a new facial skin care product derived from secreted stem cell proteins and other natural ingredients.
--the values of maximal ankle dorsiflexion during stance and swing phase (respectively AMSt and AMSw indices), the maximal flexion of the knee (KMSw index) during swing phase, expressed in degrees;
(6.) USAF Combat Ammunitions System and Agile Munitions Support Tool, CAS and AMST.