AMSTEAffordable Moving Surface Target Engagement (military)
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The purpose of the AMSTE program is to integrate real-time surveillance and precision-strike capabilities into a system that locates and tracks a ground target moving at up to 50 mph and destroy it with an affordable precision weapon; enabling multiple, near-simultaneous stand-off precision engagements of even the most mobile targets.
The GMTI was successfully tested earlier this year as part of the AMSTE research and development program (see "AMSTE Airborne GMTI Radar Successfully Tested," JED, July 2001, p.
In addition to Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control (Orlando, FL), which provides the weapon and precision-navigation capability, Orincon, (San Diego, CA) brings precision fire-control/target-tracking capabilities to the AMSTE team.
The AMSTE R&D effort is being funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Special Projects Office, in conjunction with the US Air Force Research Laboratory's Information Directorate (Rome, NY).
Said Steven Welby, director of DARPA's AMSTE program, "We're not going to deliver a box.
The goal of AMSTE is to take away the 'sanctuary of movement' presently enjoyed by mobile weapons and weapons systems," further explained Stephen Welby, program manager for the AMSTE program, DARPA Special Projects Office.
The demonstration of the AMSTE system was designed as a three-year effort.