AMSTIAlabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative
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The high school division of AMSTI is Science in Motion.
Work with AMSTI, students, parents, and AAS to increase student participation.
The AMSTI collaboration is 11 sites around Alabama that are located at or collaborate with Universities and service the area's schools around Alabama.
I did my dissertation on this topic and we have partnered with AMSTI to support our local competition to create a first tier to recruit participants.
That AMSTI and the Gorgas-AJAS Committee be commended for the creation of the Regional AMSTI-AJAS paper Reading competitions in 2013.
We are very grateful to our AMSTI partners for their help in spreading the news about our competitions and hope to continue this partnership indefinitely.
Jill Chambers AMSTI Specialist will talk to the AJAS during the lunch hour.
Motion was made to accept the AMSTI regions as the new AJAS regions contingent upon approval of the AJAS.
This can be easily facilitated through the AMSTI regional van drivers.
Although Steve Ricks was unable to attend our meeting this year, AMSTI was represented by Dr.
Ron Hunsinger traveled to Montgomery to meet with Steve Ricks, AMSTI Director, about a partnership between AMSTI and AJAS.
AMSTI has accepted the Gorgas Scholarship program as an AMSTI Affiliate.