AMSTIAlabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative
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During the 2014-15 academic year, the Alabama Junior Academy of Science (AJAS) continued a collaborative relationship with AMSTI. The high school division of AMSTI is Science in Motion.
Work with AMSTI, students, parents, and AAS to increase student participation.
K-12 schools 24 Title 1 K-12 schools 6 Colleges/universities (including community colleges) 12 Army/DoD laboratories 0 Other collaborating organizations (educational agencies, 11 AMSTI professional associations, external sponsors, etc.) sites 2.
Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative (AMSTI); the Gorgas Scholars Competition, Alabama Power Company; Alabama Academy of Science (AAS); Alabama Junior Academy of Science (AJAS).
This issue contains the following articles: (1) Take 20: Alabama Teaching and Learning Conditions Survey--Survey Results Give Insight; (2) AMSTI Gets New Director and 219 New Schools; (3) State Board Member, Education Pioneer Recognized; (4) Alabama Has A New CTE State Plan!; (5) Educators on the Front Line to Detect Child Abuse; and (6) Making the Cut for Alabama's 2008-2009 Teacher of the Year.
AJAS report highlighted the new and very successful cooperation with AMSTI. Five AJAS students will be going to the national competition.
The supporting partners include the 11 Alabama Math Science and Technology Initiative (AMSTI) regional in-service centers and the Alabama State Department of Education.
A mentor list has been completed that covers all the AMSTI regions in the State and AJAS is receiving support from the AMSTI for developing a state-wide paper reading/competition.
Secondly, the AJAS has been extremely active in establishing working relationships with the various regions, AMSTI and the State Department of Education.
Although Steve Ricks was unable to attend our meeting this year, AMSTI was represented by Dr.
Efforts are underway to interface with AMSTI infrastructure to accomplish this.