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AMSUAdvanced Microwave Sounding Unit
AMSUAmsterdam-Maastricht Summer University
AMSUAll Manipur Students' Union
AMSUAssociation of Managers in Students' Unions
AMSUAeronautical Material Screening Unit
AMSUAcademy of Mount Saint Ursula
AMSUAuto-Manual Switching Unit
AMSUAccess Methods Services Utilities
AMSUAutomatic Mill Set-Up
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Six student bodies namely All Manipur Students Association (AMSU), Democratic Students Alliance Manipur (DESAM), Apunba Ireipak Maheiroi Singpanglup (AIMS), Kangleipak Students Association (KSA), Student Union of Kangleipak (SUK), Manipur Students Federation (MSF) have been agitating against CAB before the bill was passed recently at Lok Sabha on January 8, he said.
O Amsu Amen, your two horns endure, your aspects are beautiful, you are lord of the Ureret crown, your double plumes are lofty, your tiara is one of beauty, and your White crown is lofty.
ABI Advanced Baseline Imager (GOES-R) AMSU Advanced Microwave Sounder ASIC3 Achieving Satellite Instrument Calibration for Climate Change ATN Advanced TIROS-N AVHRR Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer BATC Ball Aerospace and Technology Corp.
The ASD absorbed AIMD's AMSU into DCU reducing the number of steps it takes to induct repairables.
ATMS, shown in Figure 10, represents the next generation in microwave sounders, with heritage from the AMSU instrument described above.
Much of his work centered on the Gana-patha, the 261 lists of words (e.g., amsv-adayah "amsu, etc.") attached to Panini's rules, later bundled together as an appendix to the grammar proper.
Joint Aviation Screening Unit (JASU) is the combination of AIMD's Aeronautical Material Screening Unit (AMSU) and ASD's Supply Screening Unit (SSU).
Alongside SEVIRI, the Anglo-European Astrium joint venture is responsible for a range of operational and planned satellite meteorological instrumentation packages that include the Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit (AMSU)-B, the Humidity Sounder for Brazil (HSB), the Advanced Scatterometer (ASCAT), the Microwave Humidity Sounder (MHS) and the Atmospheric Laser Doppler Instrument (ALADIN).
amsu-: The instrumental plural entry should read amsubhis rather than amsu, and 9,67,28b (= 9,15,5) should be added to its occurrences.
Bhai Vir Singh (Amritsar: Khalsa Samachar, 1964), 3505-8 rasi 8, amsu 53).