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AMSUAdvanced Microwave Sounding Unit
AMSUAmsterdam-Maastricht Summer University
AMSUAll Manipur Students' Union
AMSUAssociation of Managers in Students' Unions
AMSUAeronautical Material Screening Unit
AMSUAcademy of Mount Saint Ursula
AMSUAuto-Manual Switching Unit
AMSUAccess Methods Services Utilities
AMSUAutomatic Mill Set-Up
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AMSU plans various in-person, group learning activities for each program level.
For instance, a forum of selected telecommunications professionals, instructors and industry experts will meet with AMSU graduate students for four days in May to discuss emerging telecommunications technologies in a creative and interactive way.
We support NASA's objectives for future Earth observation systems and hope to continue the successful partnership developed on the AMSU program.
Aerojet's success on the AMSU program helped them earn one of two ten-month contracts with NASA's Office of Earth Science for the formulation phase of the ATMS.
AMSU is a global, virtual "university" offering classes, seminars, and mentoring by AMS vice presidents.
The AMSU-A team deserves a lot of credit for delivering this instrument ahead of schedule to our customer," said Carol Neves, Aerojet AMSU program manager.
The first AMSU instrument was launched on the NOAA-15 satellite May 13, 1998, and has performed exceedingly well.
The letter also praised other key Aerojet accomplishments during the period that contributed to the high award fee, including: maintaining a capable and competent AMSU team, supporting increased integration and test activities, keeping costs and schedules within budget and completing other assemblies on time.
We are proud of our team and Aerojet's ability to meet and exceed the expectations and milestones of our customer on the AMSU program," said Carol Neves, Aerojet AMSU program manager.