AMSU-AAdvanced Microwave Sounding Unit A
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1) Note that AMSU-A and MHS combined have approximately the same spectral coverage as ATMS.
We speculate that this additional resilience of the OPS observing system (Andersson and Sato 2012), by having more AMSU-A instruments in orbit relative to the future 20-4S configuration, has the potential to increase skill marginally in the time mean, but more importantly it may reduce the possibility of an episodic low-score forecast.
Comparing the OSE CNTL with NCEP's OPS, it appears that adding three AMSU-A MW sounders increases the mean Z500AC score incrementally, but not significantly, in both hemispheres.
These numbers suggest that the three additional AMSU-A instruments add resilience to the COS, consistent with Andersson and Sato (2012).
AMSU-A is one of six science payload instruments that will be integrated into the EOS-PM spacecraft this year.
We are very proud of our team for achieving this significant milestone,'' said Ron Simpson, Aerojet's AMSU-A program director.
The AMSU-A will add significantly to the meteorological and climatological databases being created throughout the next 10 years,'' noted Simpson.