AMTACAmerican Manufacturing Trade Action Coalition
AMTACAustralian Maritime and Transport Arbitration Commission (Australia)
AMTACAerial Maneuver Technology Assessment Center
AMTACAIDS Medical and Technical Advisory Committee (New Zealand)
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AMTAC reduces backpressure through several design elements.
7 inches (the typical muzzle-forward length of an AMTAC suppressor) minimizes those adverse effects.
To date, AMTAC has not experienced a baffle strike of any kind.
Let's take a quick backstage look at the company and then delve into the nitty-gritty of the various suppressors AMTAC offers.
A spokesman for the NHS Counter Fraud Service said: 'The AMTAC test is an important development in countering the fraudulent use of inferior materials by a minority of dentists.
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Anaheim, CA Waldmann Lighting, Wheeling, IL Testing/Certification/Training Services AMTAC Certification Services Ltd.