AMTBAttitude/Motivation Test Battery (questionnaire)
AMTBAmmonium/Methylammonium Transport B
AMTBAnti Motor Torpedo Boat (gun)
AMTBAberrant Medication-Taking Behavior
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Out of 104 statements given in the Gardner's AMTB,15 statements (which fitted the most in the context of Pakistani English language learners) were selected to design our questionnaire which best expressed participants' motivation level.
The self-constructed adaptation of questionnaire was done from Gardner's (1985) 'Attitude Motivation Test Battery' (AMTB).
The TRPM inhibitor AMTB hydrochloride (Lashinger et al., 2008; Quallo et al., 2015), the TRPV inhibitor RN1734 (Vincent et al., 2009; Vriens et al., 2009; Bagher et al., 2012), the TRPV and TRPM inhibitors HC067047 (Atala, 2011; Miyamoto et al., 2014) and capsazepine (Bevan et al., 1992; Docherty et al., 1997; Behrendt et al., 2004; Vriens et al., 2009; Olszewska and Tegowska, 2011; Zhang et al., 2015b), the TRPV and TRPC inhibitor SKF 96365 (Li et al., 2005; Kurth et al., 2015), and the general mechanosensing ion channel inhibitor GsMTx4 (Suchyna et al., 2004; Hurst et al., 2009; Bae et al., 2011) were included in an initial screen.
THE Mawddach Estuary in Southern Snowdonia will be home to a long weekend of adaptive mountain biking (aMTB) from April 24 to 27.
Computational study of the binding affinity and selectivity of the bacterial ammonium transporter AmtB. Biochemistry 45, 10807-14.
Despite the prevalence of various customized motivational test batteries, one L2 motivation instrument is well-known and has been adapted repeatedly, that is, Gardner and his associates' Attitude and Motivation Test Battery (AMTB; Gardner, Tremblay, & Masgoret, 1997).
(NASDAQ: AMTB and AMTBB) has said that it will report its second quarter 2019 results on July 26, 2019.
The company's Class A shares and shares of its Class B common stock are listed on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the trading symbols "AMTB" and "AMTBB," respectively.