AMTDAAmerican Machine Tool Distributors Association
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And in recessionary times AMTDA seems to be backing away from some of the hoopla associated with huge events (dropping, for example, its long-standing luncheon settings at IMTS) and looking more closely at participants' return on investment.
Active in the AMTDA since 1987, Van Crotts was credentialed by the group's certified machine-tool sales engineer program in 1993.
Manufacturing Technology Consumption series of surveys conducted by AMT and AMTDA comes to $1,552.
The USMTC report, jointly compiled by the AMT and AMTDA, represents the production and distribution of manufacturing technology, and provides regional and national U.
In contrast to the USMTC figures reported by AMT and the AMTDA for May, Commerce Department figures show a rise of 15% in May for the subset of machinery orders dubbed "metalworking machinery.
AMTDA and SME will have equal representation on planning and operational committees.
Joe Braun has been active in AMTDA since 1995 and has participated in its Leadership Forum program since its inception.
Peter Borden, AMTDA president, said he was pleased with the uptick from the historically low totals seen in January, but "this bounce may have been due to year-end inventory sales by some of the large importers, so the next quarter will tell us if we have, indeed, 'bottomed out' as we hope.
74 million, according to AMTDA, the American Machine Tool Distributors' Association--AMTDA--and The Association For Manufacturing Technology--AMT, up from April, but down compared to the same period in 2006.