AMTIApplied Marine Technology, Inc.
AMTIApplied Marine Technology Inc
AMTIAdvanced Mechanical Technology Inc (Watertown, MA)
AMTIAdvanced Medical Technology Institute
AMTIAutomatic Moving Target Indicator
AMTIAdvanced Missile Technology Installation
AMTIAlternate Minimum Tax Income
AMTIAirborne/Area Moving Target Indication/Indicator
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AMTI designs and manufactures force measurement devices, orthopedic implant testing machines (i.
Taxpayers in the 35% bracket benefit the most because of the phase-out of the AMT exemption amount and the interaction of the deductions eliminated, AMTI, and exemption phase-out.
The ATNOL attributable to a year in which a WHBAA election was made, limited to AMTI minus the amount from 1 (WHBAA-year ATNOL).
Such interest was treated as a tax preference item, and added back to compute the taxpayer's AMTI.
For example, life insurance will increase ACE, since under generally accepted accounting principles E&P are increased by: (1) yearly cash value increases in excess of annual premiums; and (2) death proceeds (including outstanding loans) in excess of basis increased for cash value increases previously included in AMTI.
These exemption amounts are reduced by 25% of the amount by which the AMTI exceeds $150,000 on a joint return, $112,500 on a single return and $75,000 on a separate return or in the case of an estate or trust.
The corporate AMT is equal to 20% of AMTI reduced by a $40,000 exemption which is phased out at the rate of 25% of AMTI exceeding $150,000 (in other words, the exemption disappears for AMTI that is equal to or greater than $310,000 ($310,000 exceeds $150,000 by $160,000 and 25% of $160,000 is $40,000)).
10) Each corporation receives a $40,000 exemption to reduce AMTI; however, this exemption is reduced by 25% of the amount by which AMTI exceeds $150,000, with the exemption completely phased-out at an AMTI of $310,000.
As a result of these rules and the required income recognition, many individuals have large AMT credit carryovers related to stock in which the fair market value has dropped well below the income previously recognized for AMTI purposes.
AMTI turned to Metastorm's e-Work business process management suite to remedy the issue.
Highest ROI from BPM Technology" - AMTI, a provider of comprehensive technical solutions to public and private sector clients.
TEI strongly supports repeal of the corporate AMT, and short of its repeal, the provisions in the House bill that would eliminate the limitation on use of NOLs in computation of AMTI, repeal the 90-percent limitation on utilization of the AMT foreign tax credit, and increase AMTI exemption amounts.