AMTIApplied Marine Technology, Inc.
AMTIApplied Marine Technology Inc
AMTIAdvanced Mechanical Technology Inc (Watertown, MA)
AMTIAdvanced Medical Technology Institute
AMTIAutomatic Moving Target Indicator
AMTIAdvanced Missile Technology Installation
AMTIAlternate Minimum Tax Income
AMTIAirborne/Area Moving Target Indication/Indicator
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AMTI joins SAIC's Operational Intelligence Solutions Business Unit, led by Senior Vice President and General Manager John Thomas in McLean, Va.
1211 and 1212 do not apply to his AMT capital loss for purposes of calculating his AMTI.
TEI therefore recommends that the Treasury permit taxpayers an election to compute such limitations under regular tax principles, thereby eliminating the administrative burden of recomputing the limitations in calculating AMTI.
Exclusion items--income items that are excluded for regular tax or AMTI but are includable for E&P purposes--also are included in computing ACE, net of any allocable deductions.
We believe the combined company will provide AMTI employees with enhanced professional development and career opportunities that would not be available to them without joining our capabilities with SAIC.
The ACE adjustment defined in section 56(g) equals 75 percent of the difference between tentative AMTI (before net operating losses (NOLs) or the ACE adjustment) and ACE.
CoVi Technologies is honored to be selected by AMTI as the video network platform for the DVSS system and providing embedded, edge based video analytics from the industry leader, ObjectVideo.
Metastorm applauds Hogan & Hartson, AMTI, and Brembo for their outstanding achievements in BPM, and we are thrilled to be able to formally recognize them through the presentation of these awards.
The court rejected the idea of the AMT as a parallel system, finding that the direct reference to the term "taxable income" as the starting point for the AMTI calculation in Sec.
In particular, AMTI amplifiers carry various standardization and interoperability certifications, including the Joint Interoperability Test Command certification, which are important prerequisites for meeting today's customer requirements.