AMTMAdaptive Multimedia Transport Model
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An example of a combined GV AMTM and wing camera cross-mountain image of OH airglow brightness is shown in Fig.
The GV AMTM also revealed a peak amplitude of T' ~ 20 K or larger immediately in the lee of Auckland Island.
Three images of OH (~87 km) temperatures obtained with the AMTM at Lauder at 30-min intervals are shown in Figs.
Real-time support for the project including tracking of, and interactions with, the GV utilizing the DEEPWAVE field catalog and the EOL/Research Aviation Facility (RAF) Aeros and catalog maps tools for displaying real-time aircraft position, flight-level data displays, satellite and model data overlays, dropsonde launches and plots, and lidar and AMTM data sharing.
Dave Fritts Lead PI, NSF/NCAR GV Bifford Williams GV lidar PI and operator Katrina Bossert Grad student, GV lidar operator Tyler Mixa Grad student, Integrated Sounding System (ISS)/FC Ruth Lieberman PW analyses Brian Laughman GW modeling Yale University Ron Smith Co-PI, NSF/NCAR GV Alison Nugent, Chris Grad student, FC Kruse, and Campbell Watson Azusa Takeishi Grad student, ISS support Christine Tsai Undergrad student USU Mike Taylor Co-PI, GV, PI AMTM Dominique Pautet Instrument scientist, AMTM Neal Criddle Grad student, Lauder AMTM Yucheng Zhao Scientist, GW analyses NRL, Monterey Jim Doyle Co-PI, FC/modeling Carolyn Reynolds Scientist, FC/ modeling Alex Reinecke Scientist, FC/ modeling NRL, Washington D.
Na](z), T(z) ~75-100 km AMTM T(x, y), zenith ~87 km Alrglow cameras I(x, y), side views ~87 km Falcon instruments Avionics/GPS (x, y, z), (U, V, W) FL Gust probe u, v, w at 25 Hz FL Doppler lidar u(x, z), w(x, z) ~0-10 km Ground-based instruments WP: Hokitika (U, V, W)(z) ~0-4 km Radiosondes: [V.
With regard to using the AMTM instead of REF, our study gave conclusive evidence to support that AMTM is a reasonable and cost-saving alternative, at least for the analytes we examined here.
6] Nonstandard abbreviations: EQA, external quality assessment; AMTM, all-method trimmed mean; REF, reference methods; SI, Systeme International d'Unites; TE, total error.
Observed AMTM bias in the participating laboratories.
Coun Mullaney also stated: "We tried to offset the community value of the AMTM against the rent, but it's value was calculated to be small.
AMTM had been living rent-free at the museum since 1992, but has covered all the running and maintenance costs.
Two years ago the council told AMTM to pay a pounds 43,000 a year commercial rent or buy the building.