AMTMAdaptive Multimedia Transport Model
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With regard to using the AMTM instead of REF, our study gave conclusive evidence to support that AMTM is a reasonable and cost-saving alternative, at least for the analytes we examined here.
6] Nonstandard abbreviations: EQA, external quality assessment; AMTM, all-method trimmed mean; REF, reference methods; SI, Systeme International d'Unites; TE, total error.
Observed AMTM bias in the participating laboratories.
But Liberal Democrat cabinet member for culture Coun Martin Mullaney, defending the decision to give the museum six months' notice, revealed that businesses have already approached to the council wanting to set up an Asian Wedding Banquet Hall in the grade II listed building - before AMTM was given notice to quit.
Coun Mullaney also stated: "We tried to offset the community value of the AMTM against the rent, but it's value was calculated to be small.
AMTM had been living rent-free at the museum since 1992, but has covered all the running and maintenance costs.