AMTMAdaptive Multimedia Transport Model
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A subset of observations from the GV lidars and the AMTM and wing cameras is shown in Figs.
An example of a combined GV AMTM and wing camera cross-mountain image of OH airglow brightness is shown in Fig.
The GV AMTM also revealed a peak amplitude of T' ~ 20 K or larger immediately in the lee of Auckland Island.
Three images of OH (~87 km) temperatures obtained with the AMTM at Lauder at 30-min intervals are shown in Figs.
The AMTM was calculated as mean of the peer group means, after omission of the outlying assays.
The following assays were identified as outliers and omitted from calculation of the AMTM: Ortho Vitros phosphate, Beckman AU triglycerides, and Thermo Scientific Konelab uric acid.
Table 2 shows the bias (vs AMTM) observed at 3 concentrations for the 63 participating laboratories.
Three assays had to be excluded from the AMTM because of a statistically significant bias (phosphate, triglycerides, uric acid), and the pooled manufacturer/laboratory data for one LDL cholesterol assay suggested a 15% bias; however, this needs confirmation (see below).
AMTM has been given six months' notice after negotiations broke down over disagreements on the purchase price, unpaid rent and length of lease.
But Liberal Democrat cabinet member for culture Coun Martin Mullaney, defending the decision to give the museum six months' notice, revealed that businesses have already approached to the council wanting to set up an Asian Wedding Banquet Hall in the grade II listed building - before AMTM was given notice to quit.
Coun Mullaney also stated: "We tried to offset the community value of the AMTM against the rent, but it's value was calculated to be small."
AMTM had been living rent-free at the museum since 1992, but has covered all the running and maintenance costs.