AMTRAAnimal Medicines Training Regulatory Authority (UK)
AMTRAAustralian Motorcycle Trail Riders' Association
AMTRAAssociation of Mathematics Teachers of the Rochester Area (Rochester, NY)
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As soon as you cross the radial and start your climbing turn, you've got to use the VNY R-101 for the course to AMTRA.
If AMTRA is on the 101 radial, it follows that the course between VNY and AMTRA must be 101 degrees, so by inserting VNY into our "approach" after BUDDE, it's relatively simple to activate the leg between VNY and AMTRA on the missed and get good guidance.
The staff have now been trained by AMTRA, an independent regulatory body whose task is to ensure that the marketing and distribution of animal medicines in the UK is undertaken in a responsible manner by AMTRA qualified persons.