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AMTRACAmphibious Tractor
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Anthony Abdelmassih, product manager at Amtrac explains: "They had the base course for the gravel for their concrete mixture but they were not getting the sand for it.
Azar continued: "Amtrac has played a significant part in ensuring the uptime of our machines.
Given that one mile equates to 1,760 yards, that AMTRAC hull was well over a mile distant, and yet the semi-automatic Barrett put every shot essentially where it was aimed!
We quickly ran into sniper fire from Japanese holed up in disabled amtracs. Several Marines were re-injured and had to be taken to the shelter of the pier.
I glanced at my fellow machine gunner across the amtrac. He had a grim look on his young and unshaven face.
Volvo CE dealer Amtrac secured the tender by pitching the L110F as a versatile and multi-purpose machine for feeding the various sorting lines and loading trucks at Zahle's facility with material to either process or dump in the on-site landfill.
I made my way forward to one of the two .50-caliber machine guns aboard our amtrac. Though I was a young PFC (private first class), my squad leader had chosen me for that position, and I was most proud and knew others were envious.
"Keep your heads down going in on the amtrac [amphibious tractor].
But sitting in an amphibious LVT (landing vehicle, tracked, better known as an amtrac) waiting to make its run to the invasion beach, Sledge couldn't believe the good news.
The dismissal of the amtrac was part of a larger underestimation of the difficulties the soldiers would face when they landed.
Ducking bullets, amtrac drivers turned from the beaches to pick up the floundering marines dumped at the reef and to recover the wounded.