AMTSLActive Management of the Third Stage of Labor (childbirth)
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There were relatively few examples of experiences that led to successful uniform implementation of AMTSL as the standard of care in an institution or system.
WHO Prevention of postpartum haemorrhage by AMTSL (MPS technical update)
Improve the quality and availability of AMTSL at facility-level
Describe the current situation of the use of AMTSL in Latin America and in the Caribbean on the basis of the information from 4 Central American countries
Describe the results of two extra research projects on AMTSL and other prevention strategies for PPH
Presentations by international experts on AMTSL, General Vision on Uterotonic Drugs and Devices: Oxytocin vs.
A comparative analysis of AMTSL in 10 countries of the region
Although the use of AMTSL is seen as a powerful tool in combating deaths from PPH, other strategies of prevention ofhaemorrhage include expansion of antenatal care and strengthening of skilled attendance at birth.
A representative from each country described the way AMTSL is practised there.
Much as there is scientific evidence that AMTSL effectively reduces maternal mortality, is not expensive and can be practised by midwives trained to do so in the remotest of areas, there are still issues that create challenges.
Develop a small grants programme to assist local country professional associations to promote AMTSL.