AMTSOAnti-Malware Testing Standards Organization
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AMTSO is dedicated to helping improve the objectivity, quality and relevance of anti-malware technology testing.
Additional information regarding the organization, including charter documents, membership and educational materials are available on the AMTSO website at http://www.
At a meeting in Budapest, Hungary last week, AMTSO members adopted the review analysis process, and also adopted two papers to provide additional guidance to the security industry.
Testing the performance of anti-malware solutions 'in-the-cloud' is an important paradigm shift from the traditional methods of testing," said AMTSO Board member Andrew Lee, of K7 Computing.
With the adoption of these three proposals, AMTSO continues to deliver on its charter to improve the quality of anti-malware testing.
Rubenking agreed to join the Advisory Board to help AMTSO achieve collaboration among industry experts and ensure quality testing.
Earlier last month, the Advisory Board met with AMTSO members in Cupertino, California.
Members of AMTSO believe that the new, unified approach will ultimately benefit computer users who use product reviews and other test results to help choose internet security software.
AMTSO is an industry-wide, international collaboration of leading vendors of security software, software testers and media representatives.