AMTTAggressive Malignant Thyroid Tumor (cancer)
AMTTArterial Mean Transit Time (nervous system)
AMTTAir-Mass Trajectory Transformation
AMTTAdvanced Metal Tolerant Tracker
AMTTAccademia Musical Theatre Trieste (Italian: Musical Theater Academy Trieste; Trieste, Italy)
AMTTAdvanced Medium Tactical Transport (US DoD)
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5% Schedule A Miscellaneous Deduction Based on federal AGI 2% 2% Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) Rate AMTT Less Exemption up to S175,000 26% AMTI Less Exemption over $175,000 ($87,500 if Married Filing Separately) 28% AMTI Less Exemption 7.
Giesbrecht AM, Davino SC, Nassis CZ, Young MC, Lopes JLC, Rodrigues DC, Vichnewski W, Nasi AMTT, Dias DA, Lopes JNC (1990) Antimicrobial activity of sesquiterpene lactones.