AMTTAggressive Malignant Thyroid Tumor (cancer)
AMTTArterial Mean Transit Time (nervous system)
AMTTAir-Mass Trajectory Transformation
AMTTAdvanced Metal Tolerant Tracker
AMTTAccademia Musical Theatre Trieste (Italian: Musical Theater Academy Trieste; Trieste, Italy)
AMTTAdvanced Medium Tactical Transport (US DoD)
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In a statement to TAP, AMTT President pointed out the investment opportunities in alternative and sustainable tourism in the region, mentioning notably the Saharan Ksours, handicrafts, the geological heritage and the local gastronomy.
Giesbrecht AM, Davino SC, Nassis CZ, Young MC, Lopes JLC, Rodrigues DC, Vichnewski W, Nasi AMTT, Dias DA, Lopes JNC (1990) Antimicrobial activity of sesquiterpene lactones.