AMTVAgrupación de Mujeres Tierra Viva (Womens' Group for the Living Earth, Guatemala)
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Caption: One of GDLS answers to the AMTV programme is the Stryker +Tr, a tracked version of the Stryker unveiled in 2012, with a weight of 30 tonnes and an 8-tonne growth potential.
Mark Samardich, CEO of Austin Medical Technologies, stated, "We are pleased to be trading under our new symbol AMTV provided to us by the NASD.
The company recently announced a definitive agreement with Tiwenz Group whereby AASI will acquire Tiwenz' subsidiaries Minbao Group (USA), Tainan Group (USA) and AMTV Network in a stock transaction.
The company announced last week that it has entered into an Agreement of Intent with Tiwenz Group to acquire Tiwenz's subsidiaries Tainan Group (USA), Minbao Group, USA and AMTV Network in a stock transaction, with a corresponding infusion of net assets or equity into AASI expected to be approximately US$245 million after the closing of the acquisition.
Currently, Tiwenz Group owns 49 percent of AMTV Network and the majority shareholders of AMTV Network have agreed to sell its 51 percent controlling interest to Tiwenz Group in stock.