AMTVAgrupación de Mujeres Tierra Viva (Womens' Group for the Living Earth, Guatemala)
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AMTV runs a Defense Department sponsored technology transfer program, FirstLink, which puts military hardware into the hands of first responders.
The new AMTV will be distributed in a slightly different manner, and precisely each ABCT will field 39 MCmds, 18 GPs, 30 MEVs, 8 MTVs and 14 MCVs, for a total of 109 vehicles, to which are added five Operational Readiness Float vehicles, two mission command and one of each remaining type, for a total of 114 AMPVs per ABCT.
Caption: One of GDLS answers to the AMTV programme is the Stryker +Tr, a tracked version of the Stryker unveiled in 2012, with a weight of 30 tonnes and an 8-tonne growth potential.