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AMUKAliansi Masyarakat Untuk Kesejahteraan (Indonesian: Social Alliance for People's Welfare; Rakyat, Indonesia)
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Electronic trading experts Amuk and Saluzzi, founders of an institutional brokerage firm who appear frequently in national print and TV news sources, claim that the stock market has been damaged by high-frequency traders (HFTs) and their hyper-short term trading, to the detriment of investors.
Sparked by the enthusiasm for brewing beer and the love for their dog Cohiba, AMUK introduced the first Beer-Bone in 2008.
(20.) Amuk T, Karadag F, Oguzhanoglu N, Oguzhanoglu A.
Another cross-cultural study conducted by Oguzhanoglu, Ozdel, Atesci, Amuk, and Tarkan, (2006) in a Turkish sample found that the most commonly occurring obsessions were contamination (56.70%), aggression (48.90%), and somatic (24.10%), followed by religious (19.90%), symmetry (18.40%), and sexual imagery (15.60%).
1619 there was feasting at Tamaqrappo [a royal hall of Gowa] (23) 1620 in the winds there were people who went amuk; this year I Daeng ri Kasammeng purportedly born 25 Mar.