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AMUNAmerican Model United Nations
AMUNAcademy Model United Nations (conference)
AMUNArrowhead Model United Nations (conference)
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Pharaoh Tout-ankh-Amun Heqa-Iounou shema Neb-kheperou-Ra ("Living image of Amun, Sovereign Ruler of southern Heliopolis.
The results of the company's experiment in shale production in Amun 3 will appear in September.
Subsequent pharaohs promptly restored the religion of Amun, and moved the capital back to Thebes.
com, where you can see a photo of Ahmed, Ahmed and Amun.
Also the site contain also the temple of God Amun , the temple of Al-asad , the temple of Hator addition to another temples.
Mond had excavated the tomb of a man named Khonsumes, and found a set of coffins belonging to "the Lady of the House and Chantress of Amun, Nesmut.
to make the bid for selling Amun tourist village, owned by Egypt's Misr Travel
The 3,000 year-old granite Abu Simbel temples are a popular tourist attraction, known for four colossal statues built during the reign of Ramses II and dedicated to the god Amun.
Bdd r artistiaid a gomisinwd n cwrdd amun diwrnod mmisMai i brormio'i gwaith i gnuida gwahodddig.
Mae'r cyswllt gydag ysgolion, ffeiriau gyrfaoedd a diwrnodau agored colegau wedi golygu bod bron i 200 o bobl wedi gwneud cais amun o'r 16 o swyddi prentis sydd ar gael ymMhenfro'r hydref hwn.
Cambyses, the son of Cyrus the Great, sent 50,000 soldiers from Thebes on the Nile to attack the Oasis of Siwa and destroy the oracle at the Temple of Amun after the priests there refused to legitimize his claim to Egypt.
On a block from a dismantled shrine at Karnak, she is shown in women's clothes, performing the kingly duty of offering wine to Amun, with her feet set close together in the feminine style, but she wears the tall atef crown that links kings with the sun god.