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AMURAménagement et Maîtrise d'Ouvrage Urbaine (French: Urban Planning and Project Management)
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Considering that it is the eighth-longest river in the world, the primary route through Siberia to the Pacific, the historically contested border between two of the world's great empires, and a major salmon spawning ground, it's surprising how few people outside Russia and China have ever heard of the Amur River.
The border area is believed to be the only area in the world where Amur leopards, the world's most endangered feline, live.
Amur Finance and Jet Midwest will continue to operate their own businesses, with AJMWA being responsible for all aircraft leasing for both companies.
We documented current conditions (2010) and changes over time (1992-2010) in the abundances and stature of Amur honeysuckle by compiling measures for the overall forest patch and at each sample point in the forest stand.
Komsomolsk-on-Amur has another four to five days to prepare itself for a meeting with big water," he said, referring to a city of 260,000, also on the Amur river.
But experts are hoping to reverse the fortunes of the rarest big cat in the world with a reintroduction programme using animals bred from captive Amur leopards.
China's frontier guard troop previously took pictures of the amur leopard on April 13 this year in the Huichun Nature Reserve in Yanbian, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).
Three fires are continuing burning in Yakutia, one in the Amur Region, one in the Magadan Region, one in Kamchatka and one in Chukotka, Itar-Tass quoted a department source as saying.
Twelve North Korean men fled to South Korea from Russia's Amur Province in September, the first defections of a group of North Korean workers from the Russian Far East to a third country, Russian security authority officials and other sources said Wednesday.
Dim ond rhyw 30-50 o''r creaduriaid hyn sy''n dal i fyw yn y gwyllt ac mae ' na bryder mawr y bydd y llewpard Amur gwyllt yn cael ei ddifa''n gyfan gwbl yn y dyfodol.
Dim ond rhyw 30-50 o'r creaduriaid hyn sy'n dal i fyw yn y gwyllt ac mae 'na bryder mawr y bydd y llewpart Amur gwyllt yn cael ei ddifa'n gyfan gwbl yn y dyfodol.
In a world where many animals are under siege, the Amur tiger (Panthera tigris altaica)--better known in the West as the Siberian tiger--offers an encouraging message: the population of this huge cat is showing signs of recovery.