AMURTAnanda Marga Universal Relief Team (Bihar, India)
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Barkhas said he and other organizers did not tally Saturday's donations, many of which were checks written directly to AMURT.
The group organized a similar fundraiser last year to support AMURT relief work in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake there.
wrote Mark Devine, AMURT coordinator in Banda Aceh, Indonesia.
Craig Einhorn, Glenno, Linh Renken, the Sugar Beets and Windhorse will perform at a show and dinner to benefit the AMURT and AMURTEL Tsunami Fund.
26 tsunami, AMURT crews have been clearing mud, sand and debris; locating, burying and cremating bodies; building houses; and collecting and packaging food, water and medicine for distribution in the hardest-hit city, Banda Aceh.
For more information about AMURT, visit the Web site at www.
Proceeds will benefit the AMURT Global Network, a nonprofit international disaster relief and development organization (on the Web at www.