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AMUSEAdvanced Multimedia Services for Residential Users (EU project)
AMUSEA Minimally Unsatisfiable Subformula Extractor (mathematics)
AMUSEAutonomic Management of Ubiquitous Systems for e-Health (UK)
AMUSEAssociation of Music Educators (Vic) Inc (formerly Victorian Schools' Music Association)
AMUSEAssessing Mathematical Understanding and Skills Effectively
AMUSEAmazonian Land Use Project
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Elinor found, when the evening was over, that disposition is not materially altered by a change of abode, for although scarcely settled in town, Sir John had contrived to collect around him, nearly twenty young people, and to amuse them with a ball.
You imagine no doubt, gentlemen, that I want to amuse you.
I am supposed to amuse myself, and, to tell the truth, I have amused myself.
She is a hard, clever Frenchwoman, who would like to amuse herself and enjoy her Paris, and she must be bored to death at passing all her time in the midst of stupid English people who mumble broken French at her.
Perhaps that was my idea when first I tried to lure David to my unaccustomed arms, and even for some time after, for if I am to be candid, I must own that until he was three years old I sought merely to amuse him.
How do you amuse yourself when alone--do you read much?
If you are good enough to encourage him, I don't say that he won't amuse you; he will tell you, for instance, he never in his life hated any human being as he hates his wife.
It offers you a new sensation to amuse you while you are ill.
A SAILOR, bound on a long voyage, took with him a Monkey to amuse him while on shipboard.
But, as Uncle Alec's experiment was intended to amuse the young folks, rather than suggest educational improvements for the consideration of the elders, she trusts that these shortcomings will be overlooked by the friends of the Eight Cousins, and she will try to make amends in a second volume, which shall attempt to show The Rose in Bloom.
Well, they're splendid to amuse children with," said Diana.
My object in writing the following pages was not simply to amuse the Reader; neither was it to gratify my own taste, nor yet to ingratiate myself with the Press and the Public: I wished to tell the truth, for truth always conveys its own moral to those who are able to receive it.