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AMUSEAdvanced Multimedia Services for Residential Users (EU project)
AMUSEA Minimally Unsatisfiable Subformula Extractor (mathematics)
AMUSEAutonomic Management of Ubiquitous Systems for e-Health (UK)
AMUSEAssociation of Music Educators (Vic) Inc (formerly Victorian Schools' Music Association)
AMUSEAssessing Mathematical Understanding and Skills Effectively
AMUSEAmazonian Land Use Project
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you to amuse me to-morrow--I want you to tell me all about yourself, and how you came to visit these wild islands of ours.
"Whatever interests or amuses her, lengthens her life.
Therefore, if anything around here amuses you, it will be all in a pleasant way.
The hand-blown glass receptacles in the Amuse range are designed in playful shapes giving chefs an interesting way to display desserts, soups, dips, purees or smoothies.
Such is the example of Amuse, a new concept store that recently opened in Zamalek by Viviane Abdel Messih, Dina El Batal and Gailan Fahim.
iStockphoto and AMUSE Entertainment will jointly market and promote a dedicated mobile storefront, which will feature the images and can be accessed through the iStockphoto website.
Before taking the reins at Amuse in April, he was general manager of Toshiba's content development department.
Brooke Williamson and Nick Roberts, two of Southern California's top young chefs, are the creative force behind the new Amuse Cafe in Venice, California.
Amuse Pictures has the rights to distribute about 20 movies in Japan, including the Oscar-winning ''Chicken Run'' and a yet-to-be-released film based on the Bio Hazard series of games which have sold more than 16 million units worldwide.
Brother Juggler would also juggle pieces of vegetable to amuse the kitchen staff, and carve the odd turnip or two with a smiling face before it went in the soup pot.