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He made a desperate effort to be as amusing as usual.
I was simply amusing myself with the petitioners and with the officer, and in reality I never could become spiteful.
She liked Philip because he laughed with her at all the amusing things in life that caught her fancy, and above all she liked him because he was he.
Gallant, expansive, amusing, more pleased himself with the effect he produced than those (even when they were well pleased) for whom he produced it; a master of all the distinctively social virtues and a votary of all agreeable sensations; a devotee of something mysterious and sacred to which he occasionally alluded in terms more ecstatic even than those in which he spoke of the last pretty woman, and which was simply the beautiful though somewhat superannuated image of HONOR; he was irresistibly entertaining and enlivening, and he formed a character to which Newman was as capable of doing justice when he had once been placed in contact with it, as he was unlikely, in musing upon the possible mixtures of our human ingredients, mentally to have foreshadowed it.
Many more amusing tales came forth and the society members went on to have a very entertaining and enjoyable evening.
Most stand-up comedians rely on everyday life for their amusing material -- people, daily news, politics, human foibles.
California [United States], July 28 ( ANI ): Google's autocomplete history is quite amusing and adding another fun element to that is its latest autocomplete phrase 'sit on my face'.
And why did I find this news amusing? Could it be because our Chancellor George Osborne was promoting another scare on behalf of the remain camp by predicting that house prices would slump and mortgage interest rates would rise if we had the audacity to vote leave in the forthcoming referendum?
Though an amusing book to pass the time with, it sublimely highlights the qualities that a human needs to possess.
There was spectacular drumming from Bang On!, amusing clowning from Ian Marchant and circus skills from Vinny, who taught Merthyr's children many a new trick.
The Be Amusing film was part of the "Be Amusing Campaign" which was created by QMA's dynamic Human Capital Division for the 5th Career Fair for Qatari students studying in the United Kingdom.
While we are all entitled to an opinion on the subject, it really is not amusing to talk of 'attempting to see off the blighter with a sharp right foot up his back end" (Russell's column, Sept 1).