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Every morning she awoke in her tapestried room and found Martha kneeling upon the hearth building her fire; every morning she ate her breakfast in the nursery which had nothing amusing in it; and after each breakfast she gazed out of the window across to the huge moor which seemed to spread out on all sides and climb up to the sky, and after she had stared for a while she realized that if she did not go out she would have to stay in and do nothing--and so she went out.
It was an amusing case; and sent me up to Highgate, on the box of the stage-coach, thinking about the Commons, and what Mr.
Kimble, feeling some pride in a husband who must be regarded as so clever and amusing by the company generally.
If you'll be content with rustic fare, and promise to be amusing, it would be very pleasant if you'd join me.
The effect of this disinclination, on the part of the public, towards the artificers of their pleasures, when they attempt to enlarge their means of amusing, may be seen in the censures usually passed by vulgar criticism upon actors or artists who venture to change the character of their efforts, that, in so doing, they may enlarge the scale of their art.
Her melancholy expression, habitual in her lonely moments, showed that she was not amusing herself, but giving vent to her restlessness.
It is the problem of slavery, and we try to solve it by amusing the slaves.
He himself had done too much in that way in his time not to recognize, in the inspector's story, all the marks of one of those practical jokes which begin by amusing and end by enraging the victims.
Why, the whole point, the real sting of it lay in the fact that continually, even in the moment of the acutest spleen, I was inwardly conscious with shame that I was not only not a spiteful but not even an embittered man, that I was simply scaring sparrows at random and amusing myself by it.
Is it not amusing to see them both on the same table?
Captain Bonneville now directed his course up along Bear River; amusing himself, occasionally, with hunting the buffalo, with which the country was covered.
Rome was doubtless a very amusing place in the days of Caligula, but it has sadly fallen off since.