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He made a desperate effort to be as amusing as usual.
No two companions could be more different, but their differences made a capital basis for a friendship of which the distinctive characteristic was that it was extremely amusing to each.
Though an amusing book to pass the time with, it sublimely highlights the qualities that a human needs to possess.
amusing clowning from Ian Marchant and circus skills from Vinny, who taught Merthyr's children many a new trick.
The organization said that the clip was grossly insensitive to the feelings of elderly Holocaust survivors, but others found the clips to be amusing and not offensive at all.
2 : to please the sense of humor of <The children found his silly jokes amusing.
This is the amusing tale of how underpants saved mankind from the dinosaurs, and led to the demise of the latter.
The cartoons are fun and quirky and will amuse coffee lovers that feature an amusing angle into the world of coffee.
Avid golfer Robert Brown presents The Golf Gods: Who Are They, What They Want & How to Appease Them, an amusing book for golf players everywhere who are willing to acknowledge a bit of divine influence in the curve of their slice, the hunger of the sand trap, or the veer of a critical putt.
Amusing "fast facts" about famous celebrities pepper this collection of good times and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the lives of Hollywood elites.
That's why it's amusing to note that even oh-so-cool Angelenos aren't immune to acute Obamamania.
A self-confessed candy addict, Almond travels to America's small candy factories, dispensing fascinating facts in a light, often amusing manner.