AMUSTAirborne Manned/Unmanned System Technology (Army)
AMUSTAircraft Maintenance Unit Status Screen Product (WCCS)
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With both clubs locked together on 10 points in 12th and 13th respectively, winning was amust for their faint play-off aspirations.
"Butwhat is amust is that the excitement must finish at the end of the game.
AMUST will develop software and hardware to enable the commands to the UAV to be transmitted through the tactical common data link.
Meanwhile, development of Airborne Manned/ Unmanned System Technology (AMUST) that allows control of Hunter UAVs from onboard helicopters continues.
The system has also been tested under the Airborne Manned-Unmanned System Technology (Amust) programme in co-operation with an Apache helicopter, which controlled both the drone and its sensor.
because [y.sub.2] is estimated from current income, the variability of estimated permanent income amust be take into account when interpretating the marginal popensity to spend.) We test the null hypothesis that the regression coefficients in the expenditure equations for the retired [[beta].sub.R] and nonretired [[beta].sub.NR] are identical.
The pro-business, centrist French leader whose popularity at home has slumped since he was elected in May, warned that Europeans amust not abandon the fighta of shared values or else the EU would ebb away or die, riven by internal conflicts.
So while youare thinking about which things to add and which to scratch off, make sure you leave space for these 3 new South East Asian luxury experiences; itall give you the chance to see some of the amust seea sights in true luxury style.
Teale says three points are amust and the defender admits anything else will leave the Saints in relegation hell.
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AMUST for all jewellery lovers is a trip to Pandora in Eldon Square on March 19 when you can win up pounds 12,000 of Pandora goodies.
With songs from Les Mis,Guys And Dolls, West Side Story, Chicago, Chess and Miss Saigon to name only a few, it's amust for all fans of musicals.Ruthie said:"It really is a stonker of a show because it's just one hit after another.