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AMVAnime Music Video
AMVAvian Myeloblastosis Virus
AMVAlfalfa Mosaic Virus
AMVAssurance Moto Verte (French insurance company)
AMVApproximate Market Value
AMVArmy Motor Vehicle
AMVAmateur Music Video
AMVAssisted Mechanical Ventilation
AMVArmored Maintenance Vehicle
AMVAssociation Maquettiste Varoise (French artist association)
AMVAccredited Meter Verifier
AMVAssociation Mondiale Vétérinaire (French: World Veterinary Association)
AMVAsociación Mundial Veterinaria (Spanish: World Veterinary Association)
AMVAnnulus Master Valve (subsea oil & gas)
AMVAsociación Mexicana de Video (Mexico)
AMVAnalytical Method Validation (pharmaceuticals)
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2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- WEGENER Corporation , a leading provider of television, audio and data distribution networks worldwide, announced a recent order from All Mobile Video, AMV, to expand its support of live sporting events to 450 sites throughout North America using WEGENER's Compel(R) network control and satellite receivers.
We chose AMV BBDO to create an idea for us that would ensure that CMO's became aware of Thunderhead and how our technology can help create happy customers and more rewarding relationships.
We constructed two identical truss and camera enclosures that were guaranteed to meet the rigorous specifications for safety, access, and operation set by AMV, Turner, and the NCAA.
Over the last two years AMV Trucking purchased 17 Mack Granite axle-forward models with 455-hp MP8 engines and Mack 10-speed transmissions.
Last December, the continent's ministers of mineral resources, civil society and other experts gathered in Maputo, Mozambique, to launch the African Minerals Development Centre (AMDC) to help implement the AMV plans.
The central argument for the AMV is that mineral resources can play a transformative role in Africa's development, based on the creation of appropriate social and economic linkages.
The AMV values for OTC for both the heating and cooling season are below neutral which indicates that the occupants feel slightly cooler and prefer a warmer environment.
Following AMV's success, the pair launched AMV Live Venues last year working directly with North East venues to ensure they get the best possible live music.
Animals on multiple dosing with AMV suffered from signs of intoxication in the form of conjunctivitis, congested facial vessels, dehydration, loss of appetite, weight loss, kyphosis, distress and emaciation, owing to this the chances for the survival of these animals were reduced while in animals on multiple dosing with nickel sulfate alone or in combination with AMV, There were no treatment-related clinical observations because the rats remained in relatively good health throughout the period of experiment.
Luhn's thesaurus model is a synthesis of AMV and SMV.
The AMV, which costs more than $200,000, was developed from five years of work and study through the help of the Office of Naval Research.
According to Quantum, the military AMV program will develop an advanced second generation "high-performance" light-duty off-road hybrid electric vehicle platform, dubbed Aggressor II.