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AMVCAdaptive Multi Variable Controller
AMVCAlternative Motor Vehicle Credit (taxes)
AMVCAdelaide Male Voice Choir (Australia)
AMVCAdvanced Machine Vision Corporation
AMVCAtrophia Maculosa Varioliformis Cutis, Familial
AMVCAnston Male Voice Choir (Sheffield, England, UK)
AMVCArchief en Musem voor het Vlaamse Cultuurleven (Dutch)
AMVCAmateur Models Video Connection (pornography website)
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While some are questioning whether the level of growth is sustainable, Vitor Santos Cruz, Partner at AMVC Arquitectos believes it is.
As a result of the AMVC rulings, the BBB found "that the actions by the company in this regard indicated a failure of the business to meet standards of conduct expected of a BBB member," according to the BBB's report.
This acquisition will clearly enhance the ability to bring a higher level of service to Key and AMVC customers, many of whom are located a great distance from service centers.
Adding AMVC clearly positions us in certain markets where we have not been as strong, and offers diversification into non-food and non-seasonal markets.
The issue there was the MSRP and list price," said Greg Kirkpatrick, the AMVC executive director.
Madsen, Chairman and CEO said, "Our strategic objective when we purchased AMVC was to acquire SRC Vision and we have been pleased with the synergies that have emerged between Key and SRC.
Stroud, who has been with the AMVC for a little more than two years, says the commission has the power to penalize dealers who are chronic violators of regulations.
unanticipated additional costs related to the acquisitions of Farmco and Advanced Machine Vision Corporation; -- failure of Key Technology to realize anticipated benefits of the AMVC acquisition; -- inability to further identify, develop and achieve commercial success for new products and services; -- increased competition and its effects on pricing and customer capital spending; -- risks associated with adverse changes in U.
NASDAQ:KTEC), a leading supplier of process automation systems for food, forest products and industrial processors, today announced its financial objectives for fiscal 2001 in its first full year of operation following its material acquisitions of AMVC and Farmco in 2000.
1 million added as a result of the acquisitions of AMVC and Farmco.
As defined in the Plan of Merger between Key and AMVC, the size of Key's Board of Directors was increased by one member, creating the vacancy that was filled by Van Voorhis.
AMVC was comprised of two operating subsidiaries, SRC VISION and Ventek.