AMVEAssyrische Mesopotamische Vereniging Enschede (Dutch: Assyrian Mesopotamian Association Enschede; Enschede, Netherlands)
AMVEAdaptive Minimum Variance Equalization
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"Thanks to the efforts of our AMVE group, everyone at Ameren is given a chance to support our veterans and their families in a meaningful, personal way," said Harvey Neverman, an Ameren manager and U.S.
Predation Risk and the Value of Cash Holdings The table reports OLS regressions where the dependent variable is AMVE (percentage change in market value of equity, measured as firm fiscal-year excess stock return).
(1) Margarita Casco de Cano, Costa Rosado, 1980 apud COMISION DE VERDAD YJUSTICIA Informe Final: amve hagua oiko.