AMVERAutomated Mutual-Assistance Vessel Rescue system (originally known as Atlantic Merchant Vessel Emergency Reporting System)
AMVERAtlantic Merchant Vessel Emergency Reporting System
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We released the AMVER vessel and obtained needed information from the tugboat.
A number of awards were presented to the cruise lines and 163 total maritime companies that participate in the AMVER program.
The cruise industry is no exception, and frequently renders assistance at sea at its own cost, on its own initiative, or at the direct request of the United States Coast Guard and other authorities, including through the AMVER program.
Kyle Hurst, Market Manager of Inmarsat, a leading provider of global mobile satellite communications, sponsored the AMVER award.
Horizon Lines has participated in AMVER since the rescue system's establishment in 1958, and all 21 of the company's vessels are enrolled.
AMVER (Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue) is a voluntary, worldwide ship reporting system, involving ships from 143 nations.
We see the benefit of AMVER in both lives saved and property losses lessened," said Kenney.
The crew will receive the New York Council Navy League's AMVER Award (Automated Mutual-Assistance Vessel Rescue System) at the League's annual black-tie anniversary dinner in New York.
The bulk carrier M/V STARMAN was identified through AMVER and, upon contact, it was learned the ship had also heard the MAYDAY and had already diverted to assist.
Global Ocean Carriers also announced that at a special ceremony organized by the United States Embassy in Athens, three of the company's current fleet of six vessels received the United States Coast Guard AMVER Award.