AMVSAustralian Migration and Visa Solutions (specialty firm)
AMVSAdvanced MPLS VPN Solutions
AMVSAneurysm of the Membranous Ventricular Septum (cardiology)
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The adaptive approach, on the other hand, incorporates occupants' actual mean vote (AMV) as the primary index to assess thermal sensation.
The initial high-resolution AMV wind observations are thinned in the ECMWF global model to provide, at most, a single wind estimate for each 200 km x 200 km horizontal "box," a vertical thinning of 50-175 hPa that varies with height, and a 30-min temporal thinning.
In April 2016, Croatian diversified conglomerate Djuro Djakovic said one of its units has won a 26 million euro (.3 million) contract to manufacture armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs) of the AMV 8x8 type for Patria, to be sold on third markets.
(8) Second, legislatures should adopt comprehensive protections of consumer privacy when information is collected through AMVs. By requiring anonymization of information collected, manufacturers can assure adequate consumer privacy while providing critical information to help develop safer technologies, regulations, and other practices.
Caption: The Amos twin 120 mm breach-loading mortar turret produced by Patria of Finland is in use by the national army installed over a Patria AMV chassis.
To evaluate perceived thermal comfort of the office space by survey respondents, this study uses two performance indicators: Actual Mean Vote (AMV).
O tamanho efetivo populacional ([N.sub.e]), o tamanho efetivo de referencia ([N.sub.e(ref)]), a densidade populacional (d) e o numero amostral (n) foram considerados para o calculo da Area Minima Viavel (AMV) para conservacao genetica in situ das tres populacoes naturais, utilizando-se a expressao apresentada por Sebbenn (2003b): AMV = n[N.sub.e(ref)]/d[N.sub.e].
Many creators, particularly beginning creators, see the process of AMV creation as an end in itself, and may only share their videos with a few close friends.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-13 June 2006-Patria to deliver 136 AMVs to Slovenia(C)1994-2006 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Poland is acquiring a total of 700 Patria AMVs in various versions.
Previously the company had sold smaller unspecified quantities of its AMVs to Egypt and Bahrain -- the former taking it with a 120mm turreted mortar firing post, while Bahrain took upwards of 40 with a semi-automatic 120mm recoiling rifled mortar.