AMWIAmerican Wigeon (Anas americana, bird species)
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We quantified numbers of each wigeon species biweekly, and by management unit, as the average number of wigeon per transect (AMWI) or per unit census (EUWI).
We tested for differences in the temporal pattern of wetland use between species and by management unit using Kolmogorov-Smirnov one-sample goodness-of-fit tests, with the null hypothesis being that the biweekly pattern of wetland use for AMWI and EUWI are the same for each management unit.
Initial use of T13.3 by AMWI was documented during the 29 August-12 September 2007 biweekly period, whereas our earliest record for EUWI occurred during the 12-25 October 2006 period (Appendix).
Initial use of T12 by AMWI and EUWI occurred immediately following flood-up in early November (Appendix).
Our AMWI data are consistent with published chronological data for California's Central Valley (Bellrose 1980) and local waterfowl survey data collected by the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex (USFWS 2014b).
Besides NC, another feature offered on new-generation AMWI machines is servo-controlled ball screw drives for all machining units.
The company points out that AMWI machines have potential applications for hundreds of different kinds of parts (drawing), in many industries.