AMWIAmerican Wigeon (Anas americana, bird species)
AMWIAssociation of Medical Women in India
AMWIActive Message Waiting Indicator
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We tested for differences in the temporal pattern of wetland use between species and by management unit using Kolmogorov-Smirnov one-sample goodness-of-fit tests, with the null hypothesis being that the biweekly pattern of wetland use for AMWI and EUWI are the same for each management unit.
3 by AMWI was documented during the 29 August-12 September 2007 biweekly period, whereas our earliest record for EUWI occurred during the 12-25 October 2006 period (Appendix).
Initial use of T12 by AMWI and EUWI occurred immediately following flood-up in early November (Appendix).
Besides NC, another feature offered on new-generation AMWI machines is servo-controlled ball screw drives for all machining units.
The company points out that AMWI machines have potential applications for hundreds of different kinds of parts (drawing), in many industries.