AMWSAnnual Mean Wind Speed
AMWSAustralian Music Web Site (music resource)
AMWSAssociation of Massachusetts Wetland Scientists
AMWSAssault Maneuver Weapon System (Xenosaga game)
AMWSAdvanced Missile Warning System
AMWSAgile Multi-Role Weapon System
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AMWS is a part of the Ethan Allen Firing Range, an 11,000 acre facility started in 1926 and which is the primary training area for the Vermont National Guard.
The AMWS can also provide mobile training teams (MTTs) which deploy to remote locations and teach mountaineering skills off-site.
AMWS also teaches avalanche rescue techniques, and the mountaineering techniques are designed to be effective beyond the wooded hills of Vermont.
While in Afghanistan as part of an MTT, a team of AMWS instructors wrote the SOPs for high angle/high altitude recovery and well-cache recovery.
AMWS dedicates its time and resources to not only training Soldiers but finding out what is relevant and working in the field to help Soldiers and commanders accomplish their mission.
Because of their advanced expertise and the rigor of training, AMWS has only 12 summer and 12 winter slots for Level 2 Assault Climber students.
AMWS is located on the Ethan Allen Firing Range, an 11,000-acre facility that is the Vermont National Guard's primary training area.
AMWS offers Level 1 and Level 2 Mountaineer training.
On-site courses at AMWS are offered in both the summer and winter, since the different seasons present differing challenges at the same location.
AMWS also teaches avalanche rescue, and its mountaineering techniques are designed to be effective beyond the wooded hills of Vermont.
The AMWS covers a lot of esoteric, but important, situations encountered in mountain operations.
While active-duty Soldiers may move from one assignment to the next, AMWS is a National Guard facility and many staff members spend their entire careers teaching mountaineering courses.