AMWTPAdvanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project
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At AMWTP we designed and constructed a nuclear facility in record time and have prepared the facility so full-scale operations can begin soon.
To treat the plutonium-contaminated mixed waste at the INEL, the BNFL team will employ proven technologies from its Sellafield site in the United Kingdom, including two waste encapsulation plants and a waste treatment complex designed to treat plutonium-contaminated waste at much greater levels of contamination than the waste which will be treated at the INEL's AMWTP.
These forward-looking statements involve a number of risks and uncertainties, including, among other things, delays, changes or other difficulties experienced on the AMWTP project.
In 2009, DOE approved AMWTP as an official "STAR" site, the highest achievement level in the DOE's Voluntary Protection Program that promotes safety and health excellence at its contractor sites.