AMXSAirport Mapping Exchange Schema
AMXSAircraft Maintenance Squadron (USAF)
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Anthony Calderone, a 22nd AMXS crew chief, first saw when he found himself working beside Ruggles for the first time.
To illustrate, Figure 2 depicts the actual availability of 436 AMXS airframe and powerplant general (APG) technicians on day shift for Thursday, April 12, 2007.
I really owe this to all the men and women, the young airmen and noncommissioned officers, of the 31 st AMXS, for their hard work and dedication.
Bradley McNamara, the maintenance officer with the 562nd AMXS.
I want to lead the first public sector organization to become a Platinum recipient of the Shingo Prize," said Robert Hall, the 573rd AMXS director.
RISPOLI III--57 AMXS, 57 WG, Nellis AFB NV (January 2015)
In the 560th AMXS C-130 Flight Periodic Depot Maintenance area, mechanics in critical skills are working 10 hours a day, six days a week to finish about 20 C-130s a year.
Airmen with the 477th AMXS conducted another training session in March.
THOMAS--355 AMXS, 355 FW, Davis-Monthan AFB AZ (September 2014) A1C AUSTIN R.
He is a career maintenance officer and is currently the Commander, 8th AMXS, Kunsan AB, Korea.
Half of the people from the 512th AMXS, which fixes and repairs C-5s, were reassigned to the 712th.
Moore, a Dedicated Crew Chief assigned to 552 AMXS RED AMU, was performing a prior to launch inspection on an E-3 AWACS, and identified a cracked pulley control wheel assembly for the flight controls, preventing an adverse situation from developing during the scheduled mission.