AMIUAspiração Manual Intra-Uterina
AMiuAspiration Manuelle Intra-Uterine (French: Manual Intra-Uterine Aspiration; medical procedure)
AMIUAzienda Municipalizzata Igiene Urbana (Italian: Municipal Urban Hygiene Establishment)
AMIUAzienda Multiservizi Igiene Urbana (Italian: Multiservice Urban Hygiene Company; Genoa, Italy; waste collection)
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Supply and installation on behalf of the Company AMIU Genova SpA, equipment for the implementation of systems of "separation wet-dry ~of mixed waste.
Service startup recovery including transport in plants duly authorized officers of organic waste from the collection of municipal waste and non-hazardous treated as municipal waste managed by Group companies AMIU.
Separate waste collection services at some municipal markets, on behalf of the company AMIU - Company Multiservice and Hygiene Urbana Genoa.