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AMusAAssociate Diploma in Music, Australia (Australian Music Examinations Board)
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The current findings are confirmed by literature from many authors worldwide who include Cahn in Davis & Weaving (2010), Daimon (2010), UN (2007), Huggins and Randell (2007) and Amusa et al., (1999) who tend to believe that inspite of lack of evidence from scientists and medical doctors, participation in PES for female students may cause life injuries to female reproductive organs, removing virginity and in some cases resulting in fertility problems at marriage.
Por otro lado, el genero Fusarium reportado como fitopatogeno de name (Morse et al., 2000; Amusa et al., 2003; Aboagye et al., 2005) ha ampliado su presencia favoreciendo el desarrollo de la pudricion del tuberculo en postcosecha.
This redeemable, (re)nativized version of the Constab anticipates the figure of the native policeman in recent postcolonial drama, whose temporary time as an officer of the colonizer's law, as Joanne Tompkins argues, radicalizes him, as he rediscovers loyalty to his people (187)--Sergeant Amusa from Wole Soyinka's Death and the King's Horseman is perhaps the most familiar example.
For example, the market women in the play tell Sergeant Amusa, a colonial 'native' policeman, that the truncheon that he wields is not the one 'that counts' as far as they, the market women, are concerned; the one that counts is the baton that he carries under his "government knickers." Such statements that index a distinction between biological sex and gender do disturb a strict gender binary.
In Nigeria, students involved in distance learning are sometimes referred to as sandwich students or part-time students (Adesoye & Amusa, 2011).
Enete and Amusa (2010) enumerated various reasons for the unwillingness of some women to adopt agroforestry practice.
Early empirical works focusing on economic growth and financial structure including the works of Goldsmith (1969), Shaw (1973), and McKinnon (1973), and more recent King and Levine (1993) and Amusa (2010) established that financial deepening is at least an intrinsic part of the growth process and may be causal--that is, repressed financial systems harm economic growth.
2542 Amusa, I.O., Integration of Millennium Development Goals into physical education programme: a qualitative analysis of the perception of Nigerian university teachers.
There comes the dreaded city noise, Amusa. You live with it so you don't notice it any more.
Aisan-ibalopo: Amusa (2010), reporting NACA's (2004) report, says the key mode of transmission of the disease in Nigeria is sexual intercourse: oral, anal, vaginal sex and men having sex with men (MSM).
UBS analyst Gbola Amusa said: "Glaxo is less likely to enter a competitive process.