AN1Aniridia (genetics)
AN1Ascending Neuron 1 (neuroscience)
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We check how the rate allocation to AN1 and AN2 is a affected by the service price offered by the service provider 2 in the proposed game.
Figures 2a-f show the vertical profiles of potential temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, silicate, nitrate, and phosphate at stations AN1 and LM2, together with those at two nearby INDOPAC-II stations (IN-II-8 and IN-II-9).
deserti accession GAHT01003963 6G-Fructosyltransferase GAHT01031288 d-2-Hydroxyglutarate dehydrogenase GAHT01109565 Gluconokinase GAHT01002417 6-Phosphofructokinase GAHT01070676 NBS-type resistance protein RGC5 GAHT01099649 Disease resistance protein RGA1 GAHT01006596 RING-H2 finger protein GAHT01048216 Disease resistance protein RPS2 GAHT01055399 TOM1-like protein GAHT01016426 Auxin-responsive protein IAA6 GAHT01005221 Gibberellin receptor GAHT01054013 PHD and RING finger protein GAHT01038220 Elongation of fatty acids protein GAHT01027892 Zinc finger A20 and AN1 protein
Results: Increases in the pure-tone hearing threshold by air conduction of AN1 group significantly exceeded those of SHL group at 0.125 and 0.25 kHz (low frequency) (P<0.05).
Four were on the left side of the anterior circulation (Figures 1 and 2): one at the bifurcation of the left internal carotid artery (ICA) and anterior choroidal artery (AN1), 2 adjacent ones in the horizontal part of the left middle cerebral artery (MCA) (AN2 and AN3), and one at the bifurcation of the left MCA (AN4).
[USPRwire, Mon Oct 19 2015] Sportswear grew by 5% in current retail value terms in 2014 to reach AN1.3 trillion.
The other nominees were AN1 Printing Inks, AVT, Esko-Graphics, and MPS.
Data released Monday from the finance ministry showed Japan posted a current-account surplus of AN61.4 billion ($508 million), reversing the year-before deficit of AN1.59 trillion.
is the only proponent of a government PPP project that will enable the country to become selfreliant in countering deadly diseases, including SARS, AN1, Swine Flu, and even Ebola.
Social-welfare spending, such as medical care, is set to rise AN1 trillion to AN31.5 trillion.
THE TOP TRY SCORERS ON THE PLANET BEST TEST TRY STRIKE RATE (Tries per game average, top tier nations only) 1 Julian Savea (NZ) 0.966 (29 tries, 30 caps) 2 Christian Cullen (NZ) 0.793 (46 in 58) 3 Doug Howlett (NZ) 0.790 (49 in 62) 4 Jeff Wilson (NZ) 0.733 (44 in 60) 5 Sitiveni Sivivatu (NZ) 0.687 (33 in 48) LEADING TEST TRY SCORERS (Top tier nations only) 1 David Campese (Aus) 64 tries (101 caps) 2 Shane Williams (Wal/ Lio) 60 (91) 3 Bryan Habana (SA) 56 (103) 4 Rory Underwood (Eng/Lio) 50 (91) 5 Doug Howlett (NZ) 49 (62) Other: Jonah Lomu 37 (63) P TRY RS ON ANET TRY TE g Howlett 62)4 Jeff 3 (44 in 60) u (NZ) 0.687 EST RS only) 1 David 4 tries (101 liams (Wal/an Habana ory /Lio) 50 (91) NZ) 49 (62) mu 37 (63) TS STBS (T an1 (N tr 2C (4 (N W5 (3 LT(T Cc L(S U5O
The yen weakness was due to Japan announcing a widening of the trade deficit to AN1.45 trillion in March, much higher than the forecast of AN1.27 trillion.