AN2Aniridia, Type II
AN2Ascending Neuron 2 (neuroscience)
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We check how the rate allocation to AN1 and AN2 is a affected by the service price offered by the service provider 2 in the proposed game.
AN2 group had significantly higher amplitudes of DP-gram than those of normal control group at 0.5 and 0.7 kHz (low frequency) (P<0.05).
(e) If additionally [h.sub.P] denotes an antinorm and P [member of] AN2 and [bar.N]([??]) = [([nabla][eta]([??]), 1).sup.T] is the inner normal vector to the antinorm sphere S at the point [([[??].sup.T], [eta]([??])).sup.T], then with notations as in (SHP) the Minkowski functional of the antipolar set P[degrees] of P defined by [mathematical expression not reproducible] and [D.sub.S] satisfies the (antipolar set) representation
We found that Herschel-Bulkley models for non-Newtonian flow generally showed little deviation from the Newtonian viscosity for aneurysms without atherosclerotic changes (AN1, AN3, AN4, AN6, and AN8), but not for aneurysms with atherosclerotic changes (AN2, AN5, and AN8), where they predicted much higher viscosity.
Con respecto a los estudios de casos y controles realizados entre 5-HTTLPR y AN, se ha reportado asociacion positiva con el polimorfismo 5-HTTLPR; estos estudios indican que el gen SLC6A4 podria estar asociado con la etiologia de la AN (27,28); otros hallazgos no reportan asociacion entre las variantes del 5-HTTLPR y la AN2 (9,30).
Since the experimental part was designed with the purpose of proving the concept of the power circuit, we chose the direct method of changing the duty cycle in accordance with the readings of an analogical voltage at pin AN2 (pin 11), where a potentiometer was installed.
If found guilty, the ex-Novartis employee could face AN2 million ($19,541) in fines or a prison sentence of up to two years.
In December alone, we saw a record sales month in this market of AN3.6billion, up from a previous record of AN2.9billion.
AN1 and AN2 represent the anchor nodes and the rectangle at the center represents the mobile device.
For example, contrary to expectations, 16% (8/51) of labeled an2 mesomeres in Lytechinus variegatus formed both ectoderm and endoderm (Logan and McClay, 1997).