AN2Aniridia, Type II
AN2Ascending Neuron 2 (neuroscience)
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Fitch does not rate the nonpooled classes CA1, AN1, and AN2.
Although the country managed to repay its overdue debts of An2.
Toyota boosted its fiscal year through March profit forecast to AN2 trillion ($16.
The surcharges will be reduced to AN1,000 from AN2,000 for flights between Japan and South Korea and the Russian Far East, and to AN3,500 from AN5,500 for flights connecting Japan with China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
Bloomberg/Tokyo Tokyo Electric Power Co, operator of the wrecked Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power plant, is considering spending about AN2.
Spain is having to pay sharply increased interest rates to borrow An2.
Net assets pursuant to Article 124, paragraph 3 of the AN2,894
These samples are referred to as AN2, AN24, and AN120, respectively.
The world's biggest automaker revised up its fiscal year net profit forecast to AN2 trillion from an earlier AN1.
36 billion (US $870 million) after tax for the first half of this year, compared with a profit of AN2.
9 per cent to AN2,991 as of the close in Tokyo trading.