AN2Aniridia, Type II
AN2Ascending Neuron 2 (neuroscience)
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AN2 group had significantly higher amplitudes of DP-gram than those of normal control group at 0.
Our data suggest expanded specification of endoderm throughout the veg 1 lineage and, to some degree, into the an2 lineage in C.
Two pairs of anal (an, an2, 24), three pairs of adanal ([ad.
In July 2010, net assets managed by Luxembourg's investment funds were valued at An2.
THE NAK POLICE SQan unlikely sout to foil a followed, an2.
8] A Data Mining Based Genetic Algorithm, YI-TA WU1, YOO JUNG AN2, JAMES GELLER2 AND YIH-TYNG WU3, 2006 IEEE.
Current Account Surplus TightensThe total current account for Japan came at AN1,242 billion in April, dropping from the previous level of AN2,534 billion.
Six items (D4, D5, D7, AN2, AN3, PR5) were dropped because of their weak loadings on their hypothesized factors.
Thacker's team developed the Firefly, the first multiprocessor workstatation, the AN1 and AN2 local area networks, and the Alpha Demonstration Unit, the first system to employ Digital's Alpha architecture.