AN32Antonov An-32 (military aircraft)
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Tenders are invited for Procurement of ground power unit for an32 aircraft
Pre Qualification: Procurement of ground power unit for an32 aircraft Eligibility Criteria : PROCUREMENT OF GROUND POWER UNIT FOR AN32 AIRCRAFT EMD value : INR 1000000 Document Purchase Start date : 18 Jun 2018 Document Purchase End date : 29 Aug 2018 Pre-bid meeting date : 24 Jul 2018 Opening date : 30 Aug 2018
Summary: New Delhi [India], June 09 (ANI): As even after seven days there is no clue about the whereabouts of AN32 aircraft, Union Minister General (Retd) VK Singh on Sunday assured that the government and defence forces are "working tirelessly" to locate it.
Tenders are invited for Invitation of bid for repair of gpu an32 on pac basis
"IAF committed to searching for the missing AN32: The search for the aircraft continues.
1.1.1 sub-construction measures the following partial construction measures will be carried out parallel to the track construction work: - bw 706a (underpass gemeindeverbindungsstrae), - bw 709b (subway loop an32), - bw 710a (underpass gemeindeverbindungsstrae), - bw 711a (underpass b470), - protective plank work by an guardrails.
"IAF launched a massive search operation to trace whereabouts of the AN32 soon after establishing that it didn't reach its destination within the stipulated time.
Tenders are invited for 1) trade assistance for painting of platform cargo aerial an32 inside factory 2) trade assistance for painting of skid board inside factory
Taking to Twitter, the IAF briefed about the search operation saying, "#IAF has further intensified and expanded search for the missing An32. Fighter aircraft, C130, Helicopters, aircraft carrying specialised sensors, satellites and all possible civil, police and local administrative agencies have further expanded search based on human and sensor inputs."
The facility is also keen to support the Indian Air Force, which operates a base in Nagpur, for its fleet of IL76 and AN32 aircraft.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of 24 Lines Spares An32