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ANAAAsian-American Network Against Abuse (Kingman, AZ)
ANAAAssociation Nationale Anglo Arabe (French: National Anglo-Arab Association; horse breeding)
ANAAAcoustic Neuroma Association of Australasia (est. 1984)
ANAAAmerican Nursing Assistants Association
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The students who secured a CGPA seven and above were Anaa Abdul Sattar and Yash Vijay.
2) Strong bands on the ground were observed during this eclipse from Anaa atoll, 470km to the west of Hao, (3) but I did not see these myself since I was observing from an area covered with scrubby vegetation.
Possible locations to observe the phenomenon include The Society Islands; the Tuamotu Archipelago, notably the atolls of Anaa, Motutuga, Haraiki, Reritou, Marutea, Nihiru and Hikueru, which will experience a four minute, 20 second eclipse; or Tekokota, Marokau, Ravahere, Rekareka, Tauere, Hao, Amanu and Tatakoto, which will see the eclipse for about four minutes and 45 seconds.
At the centre of the brand evolution is anAa interactive website www.
Bernal-Gonzalez Departamento de Anaa lisis Matemaa tico Facultad de Matemaaticas, Apdo.
Unless, of course, we're operating under ICAO rules where Anaa becomes NTGA, Zanesville is KZZV and Scotland's third most populous city puzzlingly becomes EGPD.
Aa The attention of much of the world's dominant media moved on to other issues soon after a unilateral Israeli pullout--planned precisely timed so as not to cause anAa unsightly distraction from the inauguration of the new American president.
On Thursday, board members of the Doctor's Syndicate and affiliate syndicates nationwide, led by MP Hamdy El-Sayyed, threatened to resign in protest at the government's "procrastination" in paying the second phase of raises, according to anAa official press statement.
Unencumbered by anAa instrument, and already dripping from the evening's exertions, the vocalist is most energetic of the band.
3% against the American dollarAa and anAa appreciation of 0.
Sophie's Choice is a realist novel as much indebted to Madame Bovary as to Anaa Karenina, and not just in having a central, tragic heroine.
AnAa nnouncement on his successor has yet to be made, but reports in Spain suggest the former Real Madrid boss will be officially presented as the new No.