ANAACAfghan National Army Air Corps (Afghanistan)
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On this front, the ANAAC is working to train forward observers who, from positions on the ground, can clear and coordinate airborne fires.
In building up capability to employ these airframes, the CAPTF and the ANAAC are pursuing ends that will prove sustainable after outside advisors depart.
15) The CAPTF's position within NATO's training and mentoring forces affords us the chance to shape the ANAAC in a way that complements the development of the larger ANA it supports, because we interact with the individuals who mentor the leaders and future leaders of the ground army.
17) Having set forth the case for why the CAPTF's role in developing airpower in Afghanistan is so important, I will now address our current collaborative activities with the ANAAC.
By training, assisting, and mentoring the ANAAC, the CAPTF seeks to create sustainable capacity in four areas, but our goals transcend these easily quantified lines of operation.
The workhorses of the ANAAC fleet are the Mi-17 (fig.
ANAAC flight medics transferred the soldiers to National Military Hospital medics on the ramp at Kabul and helped load the patients onto an Mi-17 configured with litters for aeromedical transport.
To continue building on the success enabled by airpower, we must recognize the importance of one particular event occurring right now in the CAPTF and the ANAAC with respect to the aircraft build--the delivery of refurbished C-27 aircraft (fig.
20) Building a robust rotary-wing fleet for Afghanistan is a good bet for sustainable capabilities in the ANAAC because helicopters will remain essential for movement in the nation's rugged terrain.
Our efforts span all levels of the ANAAC organization, with Afghans and Americans collaborating on everything from C2 decision-making processes to the best way to load cargo on an An-32.
22) Despite the sometimes substantial language and cultural barriers, Americans and Afghans who work with each other report a sense of satisfaction, mutual respect, and accomplishment as they partner to complete missions and build a better ANAAC.
These aircraft will provide a critical capability to the ANAAC, enabling the Afghan government to rapidly provide humanitarian assistance, medical evacuation and logistical support to the Afghan people throughout the country, including remote areas not easily accessible by road and/or isolated by terrain.