ANAACAfghan National Army Air Corps (Afghanistan)
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As of October 2009, the ANAAC included 187 pilots, and the Afghan fleet comprised 29 rotary-winged and 10 fixed-wing aircraft.
By the end of 2008, the ANAAC was making substantial contributions to Afghan and coalition COIN efforts.
The Afghan OA-X, with its mixed USAF and ANAAC crews reflecting two different military cultures and featuring proficiency in two languages, eventually became an effective battlefield coordinator.
In October 2008, the ANAAC set new records by transporting 9,000 passengers and 51 tons of cargo, and by flying 908 sorties.
Second, I wish to outline the activities with which the CAPTF assists the ANAAC throughout Afghanistan.
On this front, the ANAAC is working to train forward observers who, from positions on the ground, can clear and coordinate airborne fires.
In building up capability to employ these airframes, the CAPTF and the ANAAC are pursuing ends that will prove sustainable after outside advisors depart.
15) The CAPTF's position within NATO's training and mentoring forces affords us the chance to shape the ANAAC in a way that complements the development of the larger ANA it supports, because we interact with the individuals who mentor the leaders and future leaders of the ground army.
17) Having set forth the case for why the CAPTF's role in developing airpower in Afghanistan is so important, I will now address our current collaborative activities with the ANAAC.
By training, assisting, and mentoring the ANAAC, the CAPTF seeks to create sustainable capacity in four areas, but our goals transcend these easily quantified lines of operation.