ANAACAfghan National Army Air Corps (Afghanistan)
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The ANAAC is trained and mentored by the Combined Air Power Transition Force (CAPTF), part of the CSTC-A.
CAPTF officials note that ANAAC development is proceeding in stages, based on agreements with ANSF leadership, with an initial emphasis on contributing to the COIN fight, first of all through air mobility.
As of October 2009, the ANAAC included 187 pilots, and the Afghan fleet comprised 29 rotary-winged and 10 fixed-wing aircraft.
The practice gunnery session was the culmination of over a year's work to rebuild the ANAAC's Mi-35 programme,which gives the ANA armed aircraft for the first time in eight years.
The training took seven hours to accomplish and was supported by personnel and equipment from the ANAAC,the Czech Republic Operational Mentor and Liaison Team (OMLT),Combined Security Transition Command - Afghanistan (CSTC-A) mentors and personnel from Task Force Thunder at Bagram Air Field.
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In October 2008, the ANAAC set new records by transporting 9,000 passengers and 51 tons of cargo, and by flying 908 sorties.
The ANAAC lost two aircraft to pilot error in 2012, both of them replaced from new production.
The Afghan OA-X, with its mixed USAF and ANAAC crews reflecting two different military cultures and featuring proficiency in two languages, eventually became an effective battlefield coordinator.
Second, I wish to outline the activities with which the CAPTF assists the ANAAC throughout Afghanistan.
The ANAAC's ability to deliver its own Afghan soldiers to the fight will reduce the demand for air strikes conducted by outside air forces.