ANACMApplied Numerical Analysis and Computational Mathematics (international conference)
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Partners : Ministry of Production, Energy, Environment, Industry, and Craft through the National Directorate of Agricultural and Livestock Strategies / ANACM (National Agency of Civil Aviation and Meteorology) / 6 CRC (Rural Economic Development Centre: Hamalengo-Diboini, idjou (Grande Comore); Lingoni-Pomoni (Anjouan), Mremamani (Anjouan); Fomoni, Mimbani (Moheli))
The letter of agreement between the MPEEIA and ANACM on the purchase of equipment, its installation and the recruitment of an agro-meteorologist was signed in November 2014;
Purchase Plan approved in November ANACM between the project team and to purchase equipment for the strengthening of agro-meteorology service in the collection, processing and dissemination of information;