ANACSAmerican Numismatic Association Certification Service (coin grading service)
ANACSAssociation of Nurse Advocates for Childbirth Solutions
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It is a great honor to participate in such a noble event," added James Taylor, ANACS president.
Founded in 1972, ANACS is a third-party coin grading and authentication service.
ANACS employs a distributed processing concept of intelligence and controlling power.
As the ANACS network expands into new areas, the system manager can add new remote stations into the system or expand the size of an existing remote station at the host control console.
ANACS was designed to keep downtime to a minimum through a number of fall-back mechanisms.
Maintaining the massive flow of performance data in a rapidly expanding environment such as the Alascom communications network was a prime factor in the ANACS surveillance and control system design.
In the past two years of operation, ANACS (Alascom Network Alarm and Control System) has proven to be a very effective tool in the management of Alascom's communications network.