ANADAnniston Army Depot
ANADAnorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders
ANADNational Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders
ANADAsociación Nacional de Abogados Democráticos (National Association of Democratic Lawyers, Mexico)
ANADAccord de Non-Agression et d'Assistance en Matiere de Defense (French: Agreement of Non-Aggression and Defence Assistance; Economic Community of West African States)
ANADAlliance for Nationalism and Democracy (Philippines)
ANADAssociazione Nazionale Attori Doppiatori (Italian: National Association of Dubbing Actors; Italy)
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Atentamente, por la ANAD, Raul Jimenez y Oscar Alzaga.
Por la confusion, pedimos disculpas a nuestros lectores y a la ANAD.
Fact Based Maintenance will be utilized in evaluating and repairing previously reset TIGER engines returned to ANAD for maintenance.
Storage operations began at ANAD in the early 1960s.
Chemical munitions storage and disposal operations at ANAD are expected to be ongoing for another four to six years.
Through the P3, ANAD will retain labor and lead the majority of the program, with BAE Systems responsible for materials management.
We're proud to partner with ANAD and the PM-HBCT to leverage our efficient materials management processes to make M109 FOV reset even more effective, and to work closely as a team to rapidly provide the M109A6-PIM to our soldiers.
ANAD applications can be submitted electronically at www.
The order was issued under the Combat Vehicle Support and Sustainment Requirements contract, which was awarded to the company in April 2005 and called for ANAD to partner any M88A1 vehicle reset work excess to its internal workload capabilities.
Robbins-Gioia, who has provided program management services to ANAD for more than a decade, has long been active in the community.
And we plan to raise the bar even higher in our continuing support to our customer and the whole ANAD community.
I believe ANAD and RG have formed an outstanding partnership that is second to none, and we look forward to a wealth of shared successes in the future.