ANAGApplied Numerical Algorithms Group (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
ANAGAcute Narrow Angle Glaucoma (eye disorder)
ANAGAsociación Nacional de Afianzadoras de Guatemala (Guatemala)
ANAGAcademic Network Advisory Group (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
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Graeme Mason, planning and corporate affairs director at Newcastle Airport, said: "We've had a dialogue with residents, particularly with members of ANAG. At their request we carried out some initial work to consider whether an alternative route is possible."
Entre las especies capaces de producir floraciones halladas en el metafiton se mencionan: Phormidium formosum (Bory ex Gom.) Anag. et Kom.
We have listened carefully to the concerns of the members of ANAG and we are continuing a constructive dialogue with them.
GET THE MESSAGE Some Villa fans make their opinion clear to manager Alex McLeish th thei eir opinion clear to man an anag ager er Alex McLeish
II.15.7c prati srona sthad vy anag acasta The lame one stood firm; the sightless one looked out.
When I was surfing the Net I came across an American web site packed with jokes about A Lesbian Nomad (anag).
1 Mistletoe; 5 Christmastime anag; 12 Mincemeat anag; 19 Needle; 20 Ebenezer Scrooge; 21 Ra-is-in; 22 R-oast; 25 Rimed (rhymed) 28 Eagle 30 (Festivi)Tie(s); 32 (S)Led(ge); 33 Abel-E; 34 (descri)Bes s(now); 36 Toys; 39 Stephen anag; 43 F(a)ir; 46 Wee; 48 Lantern; 52 Carol-singer; 53 Shepherds; 57 (T)he N(ativity); 58 E.g.-G; 59 Pantomime anag; 63 Besom (carried by snowmen; used in sport of curling); 66 Christmas; 67 Layman anag; 68 Red sky; 69 Wenceslas; 70 L-Aden; 72 Corkscrew; 75 Label; 77 Three anag; 79 Boxing Day; 83 Son-G-s; 84 Antler; 89 Now-ell; 92 Gift-wraps; 94 Chestnuts; 97 Ali Baba; 98 (ht)Era(zaN); 100 W-ass-ail; 101 Reindeer; 102 S-wind-led; 103 Scene (seen); 104 (fo)R a p(arty);105 Piste anag.
And much as Matt Burke, played by Pirates of The Caribbean star Alex Norton, might think Blythe Duff's Jackie Reid is a bit of anag, she's not the only one he has to deal with.