ANAGApplied Numerical Algorithms Group (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
ANAGAcute Narrow Angle Glaucoma (eye disorder)
ANAGAcademic Network Advisory Group (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
ANAGAsociación Nacional de Afianzadoras de Guatemala (Guatemala)
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The president of ANAG said his trip was very positive, particularly the inking of the deal with the Chinese firm that makes agricultural machinery and likewise works in the construction and energy divisions.
The inked pact will now be presented to the Guinean government for consideration, and if it is affirmed a mission from the firm will visit Guinea-Bissau at the invitation of ANAG.
To run come Ensuring proper storage of water samples in the site office, provision of sampling vessels, sample collection / transport of samples, sample preparation and execution of laboratory tests, documentation in test reports, preparation of the analytical results in Table formats for the import into the database in Hesse mobile and ANAG Hessian State Office for Environment and Geology are suitable.