ANAIAssociazione Nazionale Archivistica Italiana (Italian: National Association of Italian Archives; Rome, Italy)
ANAIAssociazione Nazionale Amministratori Immobiliari (Italian: National Association of Estate Administrators; Pisa, Italy)
ANAIAccess Network Architecture and Interfaces
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Application of some of these acquired skills are first exercised with visits to Congressional offices while attending the ANAI.
The documents related to the ANAI annual meeting include papers presented by many of the InterPARES participants.
Henry Miller wrote a hand-written book as a birthday gift for Anais while he was in Greece, in the second half of 1939.
Even at the age of four, Anais knows exactly where the cracks are and takes us straight there.
It's very much a family affair, with her daughter Anais loving nothing more than helping out in the kitchen, shelling peas and picking over mushrooms while the pastry chef sneaks her treats and the barman prepares her elaborate mocktails.
However, Jonathan tells Anais that he doesn't like that she has been going around town telling stories from the old days, including ones about orgies they once had together.
In 1962, eighteen-year-old Tristine Rainer was sent on an errand to Anais Nin's West Village apartment.
13 December 2016 - Australian infant-market soft goods seller Aden + Anais has acquired wearable baby blanket provider Halo Innovations, the company said.
Anais is described as white, 5ft 10ins with slim build with long brown hair.
Playwright: Anais Mitchell Cast: Nabiyah Be, Damon Daunno, Amber Gray, Patrick Page, Chris Sullivan, with Lulu Fall
Anais and Mirabelle have such extensive and impressive resumes at such an early age.