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In doing so, Othello-3 significantly reduces cost and board space compared to existing RF transceiver solutions and complements the Analog Devices SoftFone-W baseband chipset for W-CDMA handsets.
The SoftFone AD6721 (Atlas-2H) and AD6722 (Dione) multimedia baseband processors leverage Analog Devices' DSP technology and an ARM7 TDMI[TM] microcontroller to perform both the communications and audio/video signal processing tasks in media-rich handsets.
Innovation, performance, and excellence are the cultural pillars on which Analog Devices has built one of the most long-standing, high-growth companies within the technology sector.
For more information, please visit the Analog Devices gateway on Avnet's web site at http://www.
Analog Devices is providing solutions to leading digital still camera and cell phone makers, for example, that enable cameras with brighter flash and features such as optical zoom and image stabilization.
While the signal monitor block can act as a slow mechanism to change the receiver gain, the AD9640 also includes fast detect (FD) modes, allowing designers to detect an input overrange condition in as little as 2 clock cycles, immediately reducing the gain to avoid overdriving the analog front end.
It is based on the popular RAM-based SoftFone architecture also used in Analog Devices' GSM/GPRS, EDGE and W-CDMA chipsets.
The AD7980 is pin-compatible with the AD768x MSOP family of 16-bit PulSAR ADCs, for designers looking to upgrade to a 1-MSPS sample rate, and works well with Analog Devices' ADA4841 driver and buffer op-amps and ADR42x, ADR43x and ADR44x voltage references.
The acquisition of AudioAsics enables Analog Devices to offer a complete portfolio of low-power audio products extending across the signal chain, including ADI's SigmaDSP(R) and Blackfin(R) processors and Class D amplifiers.
ADI enriches HDTV viewing experience with analog and mixed-signal processing solutions that maximize image and sound quality for digital TVs and A/V electronics.